"Career development and enhances the barrier factors in the current labor market conditions" seminar courses

May-June, 2011

Goals and Objectives

  • promoting and impeding factors of career development
  • the main demands of the modern labor market and to raise awareness of the leading employers in labor recruitment policy
  • student will be highlighted, as well as the factors and social activities for students to participate in student organizations and activities working with other departments,
  • to promote the spirit of teamwork and develop teamwork skills.

Program content and methodology

The workshops were conducted in youth employment issues relevant to discussions, debates, and the emigration of youth policy implemented, employer the right to attend lectures on the principles and resume preparation. 

After the conclusion of the seminar-training courses selected by the active participation demonstrated maximum of 45 students who participated in the workshop were: "Youth participation and leadership in career development as a catalyst," a three-day advanced training. Here, students are introduced to student activeness, leadership, communication skills and a variety of other issues. 

The courses, seminars conducted by the trainers experienced in conducting various training programs and actively participate in international youth trainers and youth sector is an important contributor to the experts.

Project participants in the selection procedure

The target group was 17-25 years of primary students and graduates.

Seminar-training series are attracted those wishing to enter the Career Center's website in electronic form.

Applications are invited for an interview selected candidates on the basis of the study, which resulted in the final selection is made.

100 students from various faculties who passed the interview stage of the three-day seminar attended classes.