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Theatre-studio “Universitarian” (Hamalsaranakan)was founded in February 2005 and functioned in the structure of “YSU Gradiate Union” NGO. The solemn opening ceremony of the Studio was organized on April 28 in YSU Main Building Sixth Floor Hall and the audience enjoyed the premiere of a one-act play by eminent playwright William Saroyan “Hello, Out There…” answers ”Jim Dandy”.

In 2006, when YSU Culture Centre was founded, the Theatre-studio became the Center structure. On October 4-14, 2006 Theatre-studio “Hamalsaranakan” participated in the International Theatrical Festival “High Fest” with the two of its performances. “Hello, Out There…” answers ”Jim Dandy” was performed by the actors in English language.

After the participation in this contest European Language of Institutes of the Arts  (ELIA) Chairman offered affiliation the Theatre-studio “Hamalsaranakan”. YSU on behalf of Theatre-studio “Hamalsaranakan” affiliated the European League of Institutes of the Arts.  By the way, YSU is the only representative in that league.

The goal of the Studio is to consolidate talented students and alumni of Alma Mater, to make the university life more vivid.

The performances:

  1. 2005, April 5 -  “Hello, Out There…” answers ”Jim Dandy” by William Saroyan, (combination of W. Saroyan’s two plays )
  2. 2005, December 27 – “Gaj Nazar” (Nazar the Brave) by D.Demirchyan
  3. 2007, October 11 – “For my sweet Armenia…” devoted the Yeghishe Charents’s 110th anniversary of birth, which was also performed at “High Fest”. (author of the play is Karine Davtyan)
  4. 2008, October 8 – “The List”` based upon four stories, by famous writer Aghasy Ayvazyan. As a result, this creation was also included in the “High Fest” festival. (co-authors of the play are Greta Ayvazyan and Karine Davtyan)
  5. 2010, May 3 –“Comrade B. Panjuni” written by Yervand Otyan, (The play was performed on the 5th anniversary of The Studio)  (co-authors of the play are Karine Davtyan and Arthur Geghamyan)
  6. 2011, June 17  -  “Nostalgia” written by Nodar Dumbadze
  7. 2011, November 14 -  “And a man  called Mashtots” dedicated to the 1650th anniversary of Mesrop Mashtots . This play was ordered by the Celebrations Committee of Mesrop Mashtots’ 1650th anniversary. 
  8. 2012, December 27 –“The Grinch stealsChristmas” Christmas festive show-concert
  9. 2013, December 26 - “Christmas miracles” show-concert
  10. 2014 April 16–Gregory of Narek mono play “Matyan Voghbergutyan”,that was presented by RA Honored artist Samvel Baghinyan
  11. 2014, June 17 –  Music-play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare
  12. 2014, November 2 – “Deported” dream-play by Joys Van Deyk,performed reading in English language.
  13. 2018, June 7 - "Armenian sketches " (Haykakan esqizner) play - combination of V. Petrosyan's work (co-authors of the play Karine Davtyan and Ani Miqayelyan)
  14. 2019 September 26-  "Karine" operetta (Tigran Chookhajian), performed at National Academic Theatre after G. Sundukyan

We should note about the Theatre-studio “Hamalasaranakan” tour to Artsakh. The Studio performed Wiliam Saroyan “Hello, Out There…”, Aghasi Ayvazyan “The List”, Paruyr Seval “And a Man, Called Mashtots” in Stepanakert State Dramatic Theatre, and "Romeo and Juliette" in the Hamazgayin theatre after S. Sargsyan and Dramatic Theatre after H. Ghaplanyan. In the international festival "ArtFest" the "Romeo and Juliette" awarded the "Special Prize". "Armenian sketches " were presented at "Bohem" theatre in the framework of "HighFest" international theatrical festival.

Artistic director of the theatre-studio Karine Davtyan cooperates with RA honored artist, painter Anna Harutynyan and famouse composers, as Martin Vardazaryan, Aram and Davit Satyans, Arthur Hakobyan etcetera.  

For Admission to Theatre-studio the students need to take part in casting.

The classes held on every Monday and Thursday at 16.00 with two hour-duration.

Artistic director of theatre-studio “Hamalsaranakan” is Karine Davtyan. 

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