Cinema club

Realizing the great impact that movies have on the generation’s cultural development, in 2009 YSU Culture Centre founded  “Cinema club”, where the student will have opportunities to watch such movies that will give the real ideas about the Cinematography. The members of «NIKE» squad of YSU Culture Centre organize and coordinate “Cinema club”, wishing to involve more students, know about their requirements and suggestions, share the news about “Cinema club”, organize every watching and meeting in proper level, promoting the students’ high taste formation.

The main partner of “Cinema club” is National Cinema Centre of Armenia, and their head designer Ashot Hambardzumyan is the coordinator of the Club from the Centre. For five years by supporting of Cinema Centre, “Cinema Club” have shown Armenian and foreign classic, retro and modern movies. Each year Cinema Centre organizes movie festival “Cinema autumn”, framework of which YSU “Cinema club” shows only Armenian movies, sometimes premieres, screening dedicated to cultural celebrities and events.

At the movie-watching can take part students and lecturers not only from Yerevan State University, but also from others, such as Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, Pedagogic University by Kh. Abovyan, Russian-Armenian university etcetera.

The creation of “Cinema club” aims to

  • create a new-style cinema center within the universities
  • promote the students’ high taste formation
  • cooperate with relevant specialized institution, give students opportunities to get know more valuable films of the classic and modern cinematography
  • By movie-watching and discussing “Cinema club” introduce life and creation of both famous and beginner young representatives of cinematography

The screenings take place in YSU Culture Centre, every Wednesday at 15.00. Depending on the type of the movie, the film critics, filmmakers, producers, actors, screenwriters and other representatives of the creative team are invited. After every watching “Cinema club” organizes discussions between the audience and guests are occurred.

The entrance is free.

Varsik Sahradyan is the coordinator of Cinema club.

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