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On February 26, discussions on the National Program for Excellence in Educational were held in the Hall of Sessions of YSU Academic Council.

The RA Ministry of Education and Science and the Educational Foundation “AYB”, in cooperation with the University of Cambridge and the London Institute of Education, has initiated the National Program for Excellence in Education.


In the framework of the public hearings on the project Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “AYB” Educational Foundation and school, Adviser to the RA President on Education Affairs, Father Mesrop Aramyan and “AYB” Foundation Director David Sahakyan held a meeting with the university students, administrators and representatives of professorial staff.


Guests made a brief presentation of the concept of the NPEE, focusing on goals, introduction and expectations of the project implementation.


The project’s main objectives are to introduce the internationally recognized Armenian language education alternative system - Ararat Baccalaureate, to involve the best human resources of our country to prepare tutors, whose level of knowledge and skills will meet international standards.


“This paper presents the concept and implementation of the national program, a state-level initiative and aims to facilitate the implementation of reforms in the educational system. “Ararat Baccalaureate” system as an internationally recognized educational platform will serve as the main tool for the implementation of the project. In the framework of the project best teachers will receive dual certification level, which will evaluate their activities, promoting professional development and dissemination of best practices in teaching in the Armenian education system,” - said Father Mesrop Aramyan.


Ten-year project envisages the introduction of “Ararat Baccalaureate” at all high schools in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. About 2,000 teachers will receive the AB qualification and about 20,000 teachers will appear in the focus of the project.


It is expected that NPEE will play a key role in the process of preparation of well-educated, highly skilled, moral and talented youth.


“The international experience shows that the improvement of the school system is an overall problem, the solution of which requires comprehensive activities. Teachers’ evaluation proper system, a wide variety for professional development, competitive salaries and increase of the role of the teacher in our society: these are the factors that are crucial to improve the whole system of school education in Armenia,” - said David Sahakyan.


Then YSU Rector Aram Simonyan offered the participants from YSU side to express opinions and make comments.

It should be noted the opinions about the program objectives and their implementation were different, but one thing was common: general education, to put it mildly, is not in good condition, and relevant reforms are necessary, but the question is by whom and by what means.


Representatives of YSU professorial staff voiced their concerns about a number of questions. The guests answered all comments and questions.


At the end of the meeting Aram Simonyan urged YSU experts to study in details the concept and make proposals to the program initiators, who expressed a willingness to discuss any proposal.


The parties are sure they will cooperate in future by all means.

Other news
Today the pupils of “Heratsi” high school visited YSU Faculty of Mathematics and mechanics to get to know about the educational programs of the faculty.
This year, for the first time, the 3rd year students of the Faculty of Biology are to have pedagogical internship which will last 4 weeks (February-March). We had a talk with the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Biology Karen Ghazaryan.

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