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The initiative to establish Network University belongs to Russian Peoples' Friendship University with the assistance of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS member states.

On June 9-12, 2009 Moscow hosted an international forum, headed "Creating Open Network University of Independent States", during which members of the consortium signed an agreement on the establishment of the Network University of the CIS.

The main objective of the Network University is the enhancing cooperation and academic progress, the development of inter-institutional ties in higher education, as well as improving the quality of higher education in the CIS.

The project aims at organizing and implementing the joint master's degree programs, mobility of PhD students and highly qualified specialists, strengthening international cooperation, joint research in order to prepare candidate's theses.

Network University of CIS is an educational program between a number of universities, which gives students the opportunity to study at two partner universities at the same time (one year in their own university, the other year in the partner institution), and students finally receive diplomas from two universities .

Training programs are approved by the relevant structures of the partners of the Network University.

Network University has got a number of advantages: the duration of training is two years training is implemented on the joint training program and consists of two rounds. Entrance examinations are held only in one of the universities.

In 2010, YSU became a partner of the CIS Network University. Thus, YSU became 16th HEI to join the Network University of the CIS. The partner sides are the universities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

In the framework of the cooperation YSU Vice-rector on Academic Affairs Alexander Grigoryan participated in a coordination session of the Network University in the capital of the Russian Federation from May 30 to June 1 of 2011.

In 2010-2011 academic year Network University organized an entrance on the following programs: "Jurisprudence in the field of international law", "Management", "International Management" and "Management of international projects", "Economy": "International trade", "Philology": "Russian language and literature". The Republic of Armenia presented four places in the following specialties, and students were trained at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University.

Funding for training at the Network University of the CIS countries in 2011-2012 academic year is provided in two ways: via the budget of the Russian Federation and the allocations, made by the Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund. The tuition fees of 8 students from Yerevan State University will be covered from the state budget of Russia: "Economy", "Management", "International Politics", "Philology" and "Jurisprudence". And at the expense of the Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund 4 students will be trained, majoring "Philology" and "International Politics".

Activities of the Network University at Yerevan State University are coordinated by the following people: K. Gevorgyan (Faculty of Law), P. Balayan (Faculty of Russian Philology), V. Aglyan (Faculty of International Relations) and A. Arakelyan (Faculty of Economics).

Program coordination is carried out by the Office of International Cooperation of YSU.