17.12.2013 | 
Today, the last session of YSU Academic Council for 2013 academic year was held. 8 issues were on the agenda.

The Academic Council approved the decisions of the councils of the faculties on the elections of the heads of chairs.


Via secret ballot 12 lecturers received the degree of associate professor and 3 lecturers received the degree of professor.


Rector Aram Simonyan made a report on the performance of YSU Strategic Development Plan (2010-2014) and the implementation of the comprehensive plan of the corruption combat. The report was taken into consideration and will be submitted to YSU Council for the approval. The session of YSU Council will be held on December 20.


“Our complex corruption combat program in 2013-2014 alongside with YSU Strategic Development Plan, in fact, is the milestone of our combat against the corruption phenomena, as it reflects all the measures, which are called to combat these phenomena in the university environment. The student and alumni surveys have been made which shows that in general there is a tendency for the decrease of the corruption, which is quite satisfactory, but there are still plenty of reasons for concern,” - said the Rector.


According to the decision of the Academic Council two amendments were made to the regulation on business trips for the employees and students of the university. From now on, if after returning from a business trip, in the period of three days, the report on the assignment will not be submitted, a reprimand will be issued. The second change concerns the fact that the one who has been on a business trip, should sign in the document on the business trip a paragraph, according to which, he has been informed about the report.


Then the chief accountant of YSU Rafik Grigoryan presented the performance of the incomes and expenses (budget) of “YerevanStateUniversity” SNCO (January -November). In the period of 11 months of 2013 (January-November) revenues of estimates totaled 7,469,733.4 AMD, which is 85.3 % of the annual university budget. Amount of the expenses is 7,378,639.9 AMD, which is 84.2% of the annual university budget.


During 11 months of 2013 88.7 % of the revenues and expenditures, or 6,626,295.5 AMD, were formed from the proceeds of the functional activities, which is 83.8 % (72.9 % of revenues or 4,832,192.4 AMD was formed of the tuition fees, which is 89.2 % of the annual estimates and 27.1 %, or 1,794,103.2 AMD, was formed from the state budget funding, which is 72% of the budget).


The estimate of revenues and expenditures of “YSU” SNCO (budget) for 2014 was also presented. It is 8 billion 888 million, compared to the previous year, has increased by 1.4 percent.


The above mentioned presentations were taken into account and will be submitted for the approval of YSU Council.


Director of YSU Ijevan Branch Samvel Arakelyan made a report on the activities of the branch in 2012-2013 academic year. The educational process has been organized at the branch in accordance with YSU requirements. Now it has 1600 students and 224 employees.  Salaries although are lower than at YSU, the branch is one of the highest wage payers in the region. Five lecturers of the branch have defended PhD theses in the period of the last year.

Other news
At the request of YSU Acting Rector Gegham Gevorgyan, a sitting of the YSU Board of Trustees was convened on May 10, which did not take place due to lack of voting staff.
YSU hosted the students of  Gyumri "Nor Luyce "
Students of Gyumri "Nor Luyce " were hosted at YSU today on the initiative of the Department of Pre-University Education.