25.03.2009 | 
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"Vardan was one of us: he probably had the most reasons to live ..."

These words by Arsen Hambardzumyan became the motto of today. An auditorium is named after Vardan Dallakyan at YSU Faculty of History. Just here the relatives and friends of our soldier, as well as members of YSU Military-patriotic Club Vardanank gathered today. They gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the hero, but without him. It is difficult to talk about Vardan in the past tense, especially today, the day of his birth,- said Vardans student years friend Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Arsen Hambardzumyan.

Vardan Dallakyan had served in Afghanistan in Soviet times. Upon his return, he had already been awarded a lot of medals for the participation in the Afghan war. Always dreaming to become a historian, after returning from the army he entered the Faculty of History of Yerevan State University. However, during the national awakening, being filled with unwavering faith in the salvation of the homeland, threatened by Azeri, he again appeared at the battlefield.

He had a mother who was sick and in need of care, he was a student, his duty to homeland was performed by him both in Afghanistan and in the Armenian-Azerbaijani military conflicts, he was also engaged and was about to get married, - said Arsen Hambardzumyan. - But it was not his way of thinking. Vardan did not belong to those who may be in the role of the observer, when the motherland is once again in danger. And left for battlefield ... And we all, waiting for the wedding day, for intentionally evil fate became parties of a funeral procession.

He was called by his friends Vardan from Hatchn. His military road extended from Afghanistan to Berdadzor, from Krasnoselsk to Kalbajar. Vardan was among the 7 Hatchn braves, those who gave their lives in brutal fighting that took place in 1994 on the approaches to the village Ghamshlu of Kalbajar district.

Vardans friend Artak Movsisyan told of one interesting episode, which revealed the image of Vardan. When choosing photographs for the auditorium named after Vardan Dallakyan, friends marveled: all photographs in military uniform were from Afghanistan. He does not have any photos in the form of the Artsakh War. Then I remembered why Vardan could not tolerate the dark phenomenon of the asphalt soldier. He never walked around the city in uniform. What do they do: scare children? I do not understand, - remembered Artak Movsisyan.

Vardan was the most senior among his student friends, the most blithesome. If we were somewhere sitting tired, he used to sing. And he knew the songs, which caused a smile, laughter, joy. He could always tell jokes. And it could be a not humorous anecdote, but he knew how to talk so that all just fell down laughing, - said another friend of his Hayk Chobanyan.

Vardan Dallakyan, bequeathed to his friends the years he did not live, according to Hayk Chobanyan, is the tallest landmark: He should be an example for all of us; he should be in movies, in books, everywhere. Vardan is our pride, honor, Vardan is just a responsibility. Vardan is the faith in our future.

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