29.11.2018 | 
The regular session of the Academic Council was held today in the session hall of YSU Academic Council. There were 8 items on the agenda and a number of current issues.

The first item on the agenda referred to awarding of the titles of Professor and Associate Professor. The Chairmen of the competition commission of the Academic Council Naghash Martirosyan and Khachatur Nerkararyan presented the list of lecturers applied for the scientific titles. To confirm the list by secret voting an accounting commission was formed headed by Pavel Balayan.

The second item related to making changes and amendments in the order of accounting and paying extra pays for doing some kinds pf work to YSU employees. Vice-Rector on Scientific Policy and International Cooperation Gegham Gevorgyan informed on the changes made in the scientific journals and periodicals.

Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs Alexander Grigoryan informed about the results of admission to the bachelor course and master’s course for the academic year of 2018-2019. Accordingly, in 2018, 1510 students were admitted for full-time education, and 177-to part-time education. 1055 students entered for master’s course full-time, and 207-for part-time master’s course.

Alexander Grigoryan also presented the results of student surveys related to the quality and effectiveness of teaching in 2017-2018 academic year. This year 48.2-% of students participated in the surveys, which is more than the previous year.

Another item of the agenda related to the workload of the chairs in the academic year of 2018-2019 which made up 752.106 hours, and the standard rate for the workload is 10.10.5 hours.

The 6th item of the agenda related to confirmation of bachelor program “Applied and statistics and data science” at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. The chairman for the commission for quality of the Academic Council Emil Gevorgyan informed that the commission analyzed the issue and gave positive conclusion. The Council voted for the item.

The head of Educational-Methodological Department Hrant Zhamharyan presented the results on those who moved to paid system during the academic year of 2018-2019.

The last item related to the activity of YSU Scientific Student Society. The chairman of the structure Vanatour Sherents reported that the SSS implemented 495 various events during the academic year of 2017-2018. He also spoke about the problems existing in the structure.

The Academic Council also made a decision to submit to YSU Board of Trustees in relation to establishment of the Chair of “Economics of Innovations” at the Faculty of Economics and Management.

The Council voted unanimously for awarding the title of Honorary Head of Chair to the Professor of the Chair of Solid States Albert Kirakosyan and the Professor of the Chair of Semiconductor and Microelectronics Vladimir Harutyunyan.

The following issues were also confirmed unanimously:Guarantee for publishing the monography entitled “Hamshen in Armenian manuscripts” by the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Turkish Studies, the researcher of Institute of Armenian Studies Lusine Sahakyan; Mediation to the RA Ministry of Education and Science in relation with confirmation the work “The system of the RA Justice” (editor G. Ghazinyan) as a university textbook;Publishing of the monography entitled “Transcaucasia in diplomatic whirlpool: establishment of Armenian independent statehood (1917, February-1918, June) by the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations G. Petrosyan; Publishing the collection of materials “Geography and modern problems of Geology” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of YSU; as well as the 1st launch of the periodical “Scientific Artsakh” by “The union of young scholars and specialists of Artsakh” NGO. By the way, YSU is the founder of the latter.

Within the scope of the current issues YSU Scientific Secretary Menua Soghomonyan presented the changes made in the staffs of the commissions of the Academic Council.

The Council also unanimously decided to name the scientific-research laboratory of the fastest optics and photonics of the Faculty of Physics.

The Chairman of the accounting commission Pavel Balayan presented the results of the secret voting according to which the titles of Professor and Associate professor were awarded to the lecturers applied for the titles.