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Armenian News Agency "Armenpress" is 90 years old.

An international conference headed Information Wars, devoted to the 90th anniversary of Armenpress foundation, was opened in YSU today. The initiative belongs to State Jubilee Commission, YSU Faculty of Journalism and Armenian News Agency Armenpress. 

Experts who had arrived from different countries took part in this conference: directors of news agencies, journalists who are more involved in the area of information wars. The invitation was sent as well to experts of Turkey and Azerbaijan, but Turks refused some days before the conference beginning, and Azerbaijani refused, motivating it with that after participation in conference they can have problems in their country.

Reporters focused on various areas: Work the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia in a context of information wars, Information wars in energetic area, Propaganda theses used in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and others.

The Secretary of National Security Council Arthur Bagdasaryan, having congratulated Armenpress with 90-year-old anniversary, informed that in January, 2009 commission from representatives of various inspections will be formed, which will develop the concept of information security of our country.

This event differs as well that none of the anniversaries of Armenpress has ever been celebrated by now. The foundation year is considered to be1922 when Soviet authorities decided to open a new agency, declaring void the old one. And actually for the first time birthday of Armenpress is considered 1918, - the director of agency Hrayr Zoryan said.

In parallel with conference photo-exhibition 90 years with Armenia was opened, where the major events of 90 years are exposed in a chronological order: Subway opening, Charles Aznavour arrival to Armenia after earthquake, International Film Festival Golden Apricot, Dance of unification and other events on which Armenpress had focused. The director of news agency Hrayr Zoryan added that the exhibition is also expected in different regions of Armenia.

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