25.12.2017 | 
The final session of YSU Board of Trustees in 2017, chaired by the RA President Serzh Sargsyan, was held at YSU today.

The agenda included 6 issues, the first issue of which was presented by YSU Rector Aram Simonyan. The Rector referred to the activities carried out in the main directions of YSU in 2016-2017 and submitted the performance in 2016-2017 academic year of YSU Strategic Development Plan in 2016-2020 to the approval of the members of the Board of Trustees.

Aram Simonyan touched upon the activities carried out in the educational, scientific-research, international cooperation areas, student, social and other spheres, as well as gave brief information on the implemented programs and registered results in 2016-2017.

“In current academic year the activities of YSU in all spheres were organized and implemented in line with the objectives and goals set forth in YSU Strategic Development Plan in 2016-2020. Many events and programs have been undertaken and implemented to ensure the efficiency of the university’s activities, to compete in the international scientific and educational fields,” - said YSU Rector.

The Rector also mentioned that the educational activities carried out at YSU in 2016-2017 were generally effective, a number of achievements were recorded, and most of the planned processes were successfully implemented. Nevertheless, there were also gaps and shortcomings mainly related to the quality of scientific products, the application of modern teaching methods, strengthening the university-employer relationship, as well as a number of issues related to the admission.

They also touched upon regular involvement of YSU employees and students in programs aimed at enriching knowledge and experience on combating corruption in the university in 2017.

“In this context it is important to emphasize the active participation of YSU representatives in the programs implemented by the Council of Europe. A series of meetings, discussions, trainings and seminars were held within the framework of the program “Strengthening of Better Governance and Anti-Corruption in the Higher Education System of Armenia” implemented by the Council of Europe and the European Union,” – said Mr. Simonyan.

Following the speeches, Aram Simonyan informed about the income and expenditure performance of YSU in 2017 (January-November), according to which YSU revenues and expenditure estimates for the 11 months of 2017 amounted to 10.213.916.7 thousand AMD, the revenues were exceeded by 0.4% or 41.916.7 thousand AMD. The expenditures made 8.730.131.2 thousand AMD, which is 85.8% of the annual estimate.

Then, YSU Revenue and Expenditure Estimates for 2018 financial year, as well as the structure and staff list of YSU in 2018 were presented to the board members.

It should be noted that in 2018 cash flows will be 9.373.000.0 incomes and 9.473.000.0 thousand drams in line with the income estimates. The Rector underlined that 2018 revenues and expenditure estimates are deficit, which is supposed to be replenished at the expense of YSU cash resources accumulated during the previous years as of January 1, 2018.

All submitted questions were unanimously approved by the members of the Board of Trustees, after which the participants of the session touched upon a number of current issues. Particularly the selection of a competitive external audit company, as well as a number of issues related to the process was discussed.

Member of the board, Vice Chairman of the Student Council Davit Apoyan, spoke not only about the activities of this student structure, but also students’ attitude and actions taken on a number of social and political issues. He also touched upon a number of activities undertaken by YSU Student Council.

Touching upon the draft of the law on “The Status of Military Service and the Status of the Servicemen”, President of Armenia noted that it was repeatedly stated that the right to deferment will operate for all the students in the field of education and science, who have recorded good results.

Member of the board, RA Minister of Defense Vigen Sargsyan also spoke about the controversial provisions in the new law, stressing that the proposed policy is not intended to increase the number of armed forces, but to change the quality of the young officer staff.

“The presence of a soldier with higher education as an officer in the army has a positive impact. The programs offered by the Ministry of Defense are aimed at implementing that mission. The idea of establishing a scientific community in the RA Armed Forces is quite vital and its implementation is a requirement of time. The defense sector demands a large number of academic staff, so all the steps are well analyzed. As for the right to the deferment for students with a great scientific potential, let me mention that this right will not only operate, but also a special policy should be practiced in this context, as future of our country is in their hands,” - said Vigen Sargsyan.

In response to the question asked by one student whether after Presidential elections Serzh Sargsyan will continue to chair YSU Board of Trustees regardless of his position, Mr. President said: “Dear universitarians, regardless of everything, I will keep positions held at YSU and the Chess Federation.”

In the end of the session, Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the universitarians on the New Year and Christmas, wishing them new victories and achievements in the coming year.

“2017 has been a successful year for Armenia. Particularly, positive changes were registered in the economic field, foreign policy, international cooperation, security and defense spheres. I am sure that 2018 will be a year of successful, positive developments and achievements for all of us. To this end, everyone should do his job properly for the welfare, development and prosperity of our state,” - the President of the Republic of Armenia said.

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