18.01.2011 | 
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The British city of London will host the next Paralympic Games in 2012 and YSU Student Council will "take part" in these summer games.

YSU students hosted the disabled athlete Greta Vardanyan today. The meeting was held in the hall of Yerevan State University Academic Council. The purpose of the meeting was a purely cognitive one. We should note that YSU Student Council had prepared a surprise for her.

However, before the surprise was handed over, the students made a dialogue with our guest. Greta Vardanyan was born in 1986. She lost her parents, sister and brother and became disabled after the devastating earthquake of Spitak in 1988. In the result of a number of surgeries her leg was amputated below the knee. Her first appearance on the Paralympic Games was in 2002. She has participated in the tournaments, held in Los Angeles, Turin and Beijing. In 2007 Greta won silver medal at the European Open Championship, hosted by Greece. This victory is currently the greatest achievement of the Armenian athletes with disabilities.

Greta is now living in Gyumri, is married and has one daughter. She is going to participate in Paralympic Games 2012. The state does not allocate sufficient amounts of money for the disabled athletes for the trainings and preparations for the tournaments. Currently, they are mainly supported by the Armenian Union of Disabled Pyunik.

She was accompanied by the President of the Armenian Federation of Paralympic Games, Director of Armenian Union of Disabled Pyunik Hakob Abrahamyan. He presented the situation in the sphere, talked about the problems, but did not forget about the expectations. 

At the end of the meeting Chairman of YSU Student Council Tsolak Akopyan handed over Greta the surprise, prepared by students.

Chairman of YSU Student Council Tsolak Akopyan informed that the initiative belonged to the Armenian Union of Disabled Pyunik. They established contact with us from Pyunik and informed that Greta was going to participate in the coming Paralympic Games 2012 and that she needed financial support. We decided to respond to this call. The whole amount was gathered in a few days, - says Tsolak.

Part of the money was allocated by the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Pyunik Levon Sargsyan. The donations we made exclusively by YSU Student Council members. Tsolak Akopyan notes that this was only the first step and more students will be involved in analogous initiatives in future.

The meeting was attended by YSU Vice-Rector on Students, Alumni and Public Affairs Ruben Markosyan. He expressed hope that this meeting and charitable action will become a precedent for the cooperation with Pyunik Union and Armenian Federation of Paralympic Games.

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