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'Օur educational system does not concede to European or American systems' Lilit Shakaryan
'Օur educational system does not concede to European or American systems' Lilit Shakaryan
Lilit Shakaryan lecturer at the chair of Social Work and Social Technologies, sociologist, expert and leading specialist in Marketing Research and Branding follows. She is a member of the International Sociological Association, the American Sociological Association, the DAAD Alumni Association of Germany, the European Sociological Association and the Armenian Marketing Association. In other words, she is an Armenian expert who best represents the Armenian educational level abroad and vice versa.

During the months of November-December, Lilit Shakaryan will deliver a lecture at Hradec Kralove University in Czech Republic. This is a great achievement, as it presents another opportunity to once again appear with honors at leading European universities.

Ms. Shakaryan, tell us about your scientific activities and contributions. Over which themes do you have presentations for European audiences.

Lilit Shakaryan: “This will be my second visit to Europe this year. During my first visit I lectured at the University of Madrid. I presented lectures on topics of Gender and Media and shared the results of my research conducted in Armenia. I have secured an extensive and important lecture program, within the scope of which I will travel to the Czech Republic to offer lectures for two months. The lectures will be on Media Sociology and will touch upon different types of media and the role of media in sociology. It is very interesting, indeed; it significantly differs from the Armenian audience. You have the opportunity to see how everything is organized, how students respond, how the educational system works. And I bring the news to Armenia.”

Being familiar with European education system how you evaluate Armenian education.

Lilit Shakaryan: “We often hear that Armenian students are very eager to go abroad and think that foreign education is much better. As a person, who often travels abroad and visits international educational institutions, who has also studied abroad in Switzerland and the United States, I can say that our educational system does not concede to European or American systems, since I also bring the experience from abroad into my lectures and use it for the benefit the students.

It has been around 10 years Lilit Shakaryan has been teaching at YSU faculties of Sociology, Journalism, Romance-Germanic Philology and Social Work; she is the author of more than 7 subject programs and several scientific articles. Tell us a little more about the subject programs that you have developed.

Lilit Shakaryan: “I have developed the subject program called “Basics of Branding” which encompasses the sphere of my studies. In addition, I have also worked on Media Sociology, Modern PR Technologies, Social Construction of Gender, Sociology of Advertising and other subjects. The main subject I have deepened my professional knowledge in is Branding; on this very topic I plan to publish a book in the future. This is the sphere to which I relate the best. That is the domain I clearly envision the organization of both theoretical and practical activities. I am currently working on a book about branding (The Principles of Branding or Brand Management, the final title is not decided yet) that I imagine can be used as a textbook for our students.”

Ms. Shakaryan, in addition to sharing your expert knowledge and skills with others, you often organize specialized courses.

Lilit Shakaryan: “There is a difference in teaching at a university and outside of it. Here you are dealing with professionals established in their field, who want to deepen their knowledge. I develop other approaches to teaching. Lectures are on Merchandising, Branding, Consumer Behavior, and today there are Sociological Research or Marketing Research methods as well. Besides lecturing, I am also involved in marketing - I am the head of the marketing department of Ijevan Wine Brandy Factory, where I have already managed to register serious success with my team. Since I am also involved in business-related activities, marketing research has been added to my main sphere of research and study, which include scientific, educational and political fields.”


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