26.06.2014 | 
The final session of YSU Academic Council for 2013-2014 academic year was held today.

It started with the award ceremony. A number of employees of YSU were awarded YSU commemorative and silver medals on the occasion of YSU 95th anniversary.


10 issues were on the agenda and the next one was the approval of the decisions, made by the academic councils of the faculties on the elections of the heads of chairs. The Academic Council approved at the post of heads of chairs those employees, who had participated in the competition and received a majority of votes of the academic councils of the faculties.


This time 8 universitarians had applied for the academic title of the Associate Professor and 6 – for the academic title of the Professor. They were given the titles via voting. The results of the competition for the academic personnel of YSU were confirmed via voting, too.


YSU Vice-rector on Educational Affairs Alexander Grigoryan made a report on the admission process for 2014-2015 academic year. Accordingly, 3601 graduate had applied to enter YSU this year in the first round (compared to last year, 370 less). Compared to the previous year a significant increase has been registered at the faculties of Informatics Applied Mathematics, Radiophysics, Theology and Law.


The number of applicants has decreased especially at the faculties of Physics, Biology, Geography and Geology, International Relations, Philosophy and Psychology and Armenian Philology.


“There is another perplexing circumstance. 1409 baccalaureate graduates could continue their studies to receive master’s degree without examinations and free of charge, however, only 714 have used this opportunity,” - said Mr. Grigoryan, adding that the 2nd round for the submission of documents has started today.


By the decision of the Academic Council some structural changes were made at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. Two different chairs will operate from now on the basis of the Chair of Actuarial Mathematics - Risk Management and Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Mathematics.


Changes and additions were made in the Exemplary Charter of YSU Faculty, according to which institutes can operate in the structure of the faculty in addition to chairs and laboratories. Some charter changes and additions were made in the Charter of the Faculty of Biology. Then the Charter of the new Research Institute of Biology of YSU Faculty of Biology was approved.


The charter of the Research Centre “Quantum technologies and new substances”, which was recently founded, was also approved.


Among the current issues it was discussed and decided to rename the Faculty of Chemistry into the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology. Accordingly, a new profession of “Pharmacology” with 4 specializations will be introduced.


The Collection of Scientific Articles of YSU SSS Scientific Session, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of YSU, was approved for the publication. The Academic Council will also present a petition to the Higher Attestation Commission to recognize it as a valid collection for the publication of scientific articles, required for the defense of candidate dissertations.


The book “Theoretical and Applied Statistics”, authored by the Associate Professor at the Chair of Probability Theory Karen Gasparyan, was also approved for the publication. Then a petition will be submitted to the RA Ministry of Education and Science to recognize it as a textbook.


YSU Academic Council approved the proposals, made by a number of YSU faculties to grant an honorary doctorate of 3 figures. They are - Honored Figure of Science of Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor Yuri Antonyan, Supervisor of the Laboratory of Human Genetics at the Jena Schiller University Thomas Lir and Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba, Canada Papash Chakraborti.


Last of the current issues referred to the “Bulletin of Yerevan University”. From now on it will include another direction - Russian Philology.

Other news
At the request of YSU Acting Rector Gegham Gevorgyan, a sitting of the YSU Board of Trustees was convened on May 10, which did not take place due to lack of voting staff.
YSU hosted the students of  Gyumri "Nor Luyce "
Students of Gyumri "Nor Luyce " were hosted at YSU today on the initiative of the Department of Pre-University Education.