29.12.2016 | 
Beginning with 2017 medical insurance will be available for YSU employees.

This decision was made by the Board of Trustees several days ago during the adoption of annual estimate of incomes and expenses for 2017. However, the process started early this year. YSU Trade Union Organization was one of the initiators was, and YSU Academic Council has approved this idea. Then a Commission on the development of mechanisms for providing social assistance and medical insurance of the employees was formed, which was headed by YSU vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Dr. Ruben Markosyan.

“We studied medical insurance packages available in the market, sent inquires to relevant companies and developed terms of reference for medical insurance of YSU employees, which became the basis for the competition between insurance companies,” - said Mr. Markosyan.

The competition was announced in the beginning of December of this year. Three organizations had applied and “Rosgosstrakh Armenia” company was recognized as a winner, with which YSU signed a contract to implement the process.

About 125 million AMD will be allocated from YSU budget for the medical insurance of YSU employees.

“YSU will annually pay 52,000 AMD for each employee, and the insurance coverage will be up to 6 million. The document includes a very wide range of medical services, clinical, surgical, dentistry, etc. But it does not relate to chronic diseases,” - said YSU Trade Union President Armen Avetisyan.

Only the main employees of YSU take advantage of the service and not those who work in combination. And the insurance is available only for the employee of YSU. If the employee wants to insure his family members YSU Trade Union Organization is ready to apply to the insurance company to insure them on the same conditions. In this case, however, the payments must be made by our employees themselves.

YSU has provided the insurance company with the data of 2244 employees of YSU, after which an agreement will be signed between the parties. During January and February of 2017, employees will receive “Rosgosstrakh Armenia” medical insurance plastic cards, which can be used in any of the medical institutions in the RA and Artsakh.

In the beginning of 2017, insurance company representatives will meet with the employees of all the divisions and provide them with the detailed information on the process and services. And now all those who are interested in the details, can receive the answers to their questions at YSU Trade Union Organization.

“I would like to ask our employees to be active, pass preventive examination at least once a year,” - said Mr. Avetisyan, adding that the list of all included medical services will be released soon.

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