26.02.2014 | 
YSU continues to implement programs aimed at the ensuring the quality of education.

Today, Director of YSU Centre for Quality Assurance Armen Budaghyan presented a group of students the new assessing system for education process. The venue was the Lab of the Faculty of Law.


2nd year students of the Faculty of Law were present at the launch of the pilot program “Online quality management system of YSU courses and educational programs and a resource base development”. They will be the first to test this program – to assess the educational programs, studied in the previous semester, focusing on their delivery methods.


The purpose of the program is the assessment of the efficiency of the educational programs, to ensure online feedback mechanisms (student surveys, etc.), programs and activities aimed at the improving the quality of courses, as well as awareness of their results.


“Students’ opinions and feedback are regarded as the most reliable and dynamic component in the process of the continuous improvement of the quality. The surveys, conducted previously via questionnaires, now will be conducted online, which will not only save time, but also create a rich database,” - said Armen Budaghyan.


Program participants log in with address and password. Course assessment is carried out anonymously, that is, the professorial staff sees only numerical or graphical images, as well as the students’ suggestions and comments.


Each bachelor and master student can view online the interactive list of educational programs.


Based on the cumulative results of all courses the system automatically calculates the quality and efficiency rating.


The assessment results are reported and stored in a database, and the system reports on the results of the assessment in a specified format, which contains numerical and graphical information.


According to the results of the academic year head of chair or program supervisor together with the lecturer, running the course, prepares online and publishes the measures to improve the program, which does not meet the quality standards. And this is also available to students.


“Major activities will be implemented then towards the improving of the omissions, revealed by the survey, and the efforts, directed to the improvement of the quality of education, will be more effective and promising,” - said Armen Budaghyan and added that similar meetings will be continuous in their nature to determine the system’s structural and operational problems and gaps.


Mr. Budaghyan also noted that in case of the effective operation of the program, all students, full-time and part-time, will receive access to it.


In addition, the system was designed and developed by “Zoom Graphics” Company and YSU Department for the Development and Maintenance of Information Systems.

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