17.11.2016 | 
The Annual Award Ceremony “Best Student -2016” was held at YSU today.

According to the beautiful tradition annually on the International Students’ Day “Best Student” award ceremony takes place at YSU.

This competition, organized by YSU Administration, is to encourage the performance and social activities, as well as the research and creative potential of students.

This year also the competition was conducted in accordance with the established regulations. The applications had been summed up by the Centre for Students’ Affairs, taking into account the performance in the last two semesters, as well as the achievements set by the regulation for “Best Student” competition - the experience of scientific work and social activities.

The solemn ceremony was accompanied by the performances of the members of YSU Cultural Centre.

“This competition is held for more than 15 years. Over the years a lot has changed, but the symbol remained unchanged. That is, students should always strive to be the best. And they should continue to stay the best after graduation and develop the areas in which they will work in future,” - said YSU Vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan.

Not only the winners of this competition, but also the participants of the program “Student Administration”, received certificates today.

Please, see below the list of the best students of 2016.

Vahagn Harutyunyan - Faculty of Theology, 4th year student
Adana Keshishyan - Faculty of Pharmacology and Chemistry, 4th year student
Anahit Gevorgyan - Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, 4th year student
She Bagratunyan - Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, 1st year master student
Vazgen Mikaelyan - Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 4th year student
Varditer Badoyan - Faculty of Geography and Geology, 3rd year student
Arman Isajanyan - Faculty of Economics and Management, 1st year master student
Sona Sukiasyan - Faculty of Oriental Studies, 1st year master student
Qnar Misakyan – Faculty of Journalism, 1st year master student
Koryun Gevorkyan - Faculty of Physics, 4th year student
Mariam Harutyunyan - Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, 2nd year master student
Mary Mosinyan – Faculty of Law, 1st year master student
Alvard Ghulijoghlyan - Faculty of International Relations, 4th year student
Misha Aghamalyan - Faculty of Radiophysics, 3rd year student
Gegham Asatryan - Faculty of History, 4th year student
Satenik Mirzoyan - Faculty of Biology, 2nd year student
Armen Khachikyan - Faculty of Sociology, 2nd year master student
Serine Mkrtchyan - Faculty of Russian Philology, 4th year student
Mariana Botsinyan - Faculty of Armenian Philology, 4th year student

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