17.11.2009 | 
A real student festive mood one could enjoy in YSU Main Hall today.

Singing, dancing, myriads of smiles, applauses: YSU students were celebrating the International Students Day. YSU Student Council initiated the launch of a new nomination in 2009. 

The contest Student 2009 had a goal to evaluate those students who use their academic potential for the welfare of our state and Alma Mater. The social activeness here is also considered. 
YSU SC initiative was welcomed by YSU authorities. YSU Rector Aram Simonyan welcomed our studentship on behalf of Alma Mater professorial staff.

The studentship today is the most courageous group of our society, which is ready to say its decisive word when it is needed, but I have got to mention that studentship is also one of the most vulnerable groups of our population. In hard social-economic conditions our studentship really needs support to overcome carious obstacles on its way. So, the senior generations and state have got the mission to support our studentship, - said YSU Rector Aram Simonyan.
The event was organized by YSU Cultural Center. Everyone enjoyed the performances of our singers, chorus and dance ensemble.

The commission (6 members) had selected the nominees (100 students) according to the application forms, submitted in advance. And, so, the award-giving ceremony began. 12 of them had been recognized as winners in the result of individual interviews. The nominees were awarded bronze medals.

On the behalf of YSU Student Council the best three commissions, which function in its structure, were awarded. The faculty student councils were awarded, too.
Student 2009 winners are:

The following students were awarded YSU Bronze medals:
1. Edgar Amirkhanyan - Faculty of Armenian Philology, third year student
2. Tigran Keryan - Faculty of Geography and Geology, first year master student
3. Arthur Makaryan - Faculty of Economics, second year master student
4. Aspram Krpeyan - Faculty of Law, first year master student
5. Lilit Afrikyan - Faculty of Chemistry, fifth year student
6. Lilit Yeghiazaryan - Faculty of Russian Philology, first year master student
7. Marianna Pahlevanyan - Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, third year student
8. Vahan Malkhasyan - Faculty of Physics, third year student
9. Varouzhan Geghamyan - Faculty of Oriental Studies, third year student
10. Satenik Jrbashyan - Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, third year student
11. David Sargsyan - Faculty of Journalism, third year student
12. Vahagn Kotanjyan - Faculty of International Relations, fourth year student
Best Faculty Student Councils are: 

1. YSU Faculty of Theology, Chairman Anna Marmaryan
2. YSU Faculty of International Relations, Chairman Alexander Sargsyan
3. YSU Faculty of Economics, Chairman Tigran Abovyan

Best Student Council Commissions are: 

1. YSU SC Temporary Commission on the Affairs, Devoted to the 90th Anniversary of YSU Foundation, Chairman Harutyun Azgaldyan
2. Commission on Public Relations and Information, Chairman Gohar Poghosyan
3. Commission on Academic Affairs, Chairman Vardan Asatryan

Other news
On the initiative of YSU Student Council Legal Committee “Awareness. Student Labor Rights ”program has been implemented.
On December 4, on the joint initiative of YSU Faculty of Law and Student Scientific Societies of Student Scientific Societies, a panel discussion was held on "International recognition of Artsakh. Historical-legal review "