11.12.2014 | 
The last session of the Academic Council of YSU in 2014 was held. Seven issues were on the agenda.

Chief Accountant of YSU Rafik Grigoryan presented a writ of the execution of the budget revenue and expenditure estimates for 2014 and 2015.


During the first 11 months of 2014, 85.4% of revenue estimates or 7.799.937.3 thousand drams were received from the proceeds of the functional activity. 71.1% of revenues were formed from tuition, and 28, 9% - from the state budget financing.


During the first 11 months of 2014 AMD was spent, which accounted for 92.5%. Of these, 92.6% of funds were used to finance current and 7.4% - non-current expenses. 72.6% of the ongoing expenses were allocated for wages and equivalent payment to this.


Financial flows in 2015 will amount to 9.690.000.0 AMD. 64.7% will be generated from tuition fees, 25.9% - from the state budget, 6.4% - of non-functional incomes, and 3% - of the remaining functional incomes.


The Academic Council took this information into consideration, and later documents will be submitted to YSU Board for the approval.


Rector Aram Simonyan made a presentation of the issue of changing the legal status of YSU: “YSU receives the status of foundation; it has already been approved by the RA Government. However, the decision will come into force only after the official notification and registration in the Agency of State Register of Legal Entities of the RA. Inventory package is ready and will soon be submitted to the State Register, and the charter has also been revised,” - said Mr. Simonyan.


The information on the conduction of the strategic development program of YSU in 2010-2014 was also provided during the session.


“This program, despite some shortcomings, however, was very helpful: we did not take the ideas from “here or there”, but followed this strategy. I think, overall, we have managed to do a lot,” - said YSU Rector and added that he will speak more about this during the Session of Board of Yerevan State University.


We should add that the strategic development program was envisaged until 2014, and in early 2015 the development of the strategy for the coming years will start.


Last item on the agenda concerned the Ijevan Branch of YSU. Director Samvel Aleksanyan presented a report on the annual activities of the branch. According to him, as in previous years, this year also the administration of the branch had set a goal not only to provide with educational services, but also to solve the employment issues of the graduates.


“We pay great attention to the quality of education, so we do our best to bring our educational programs closer to YSU. Over the last year, 90% of the employees who got positions in the financial, banking, accounting, tax, educational spheres, are our graduates. But still we fail to provide the desired performance in the area of “Service” specialization,” - said Mr. Alexanyan.


According to the director, the year has been quite effective in terms of scientific publications: 126 scientific papers, monographs and manuals have been published. 7 tutors (5 of them - graduates of the branch) defended their PhD theses.


During the reporting period student military-patriotic club “Tavush” was founded at the Ijevan Branch, which closely cooperates with the frontier military units. SSS and Student Council also actively operate.


At the end of the session the results of the secret ballot were announced, according to which 3 tutors received the title of professor and 15 - the title of associate professor.

Other news
At the request of YSU Acting Rector Gegham Gevorgyan, a sitting of the YSU Board of Trustees was convened on May 10, which did not take place due to lack of voting staff.
YSU hosted the students of  Gyumri "Nor Luyce "
Students of Gyumri "Nor Luyce " were hosted at YSU today on the initiative of the Department of Pre-University Education.