04.03.2017 | 
Today the 1st round of the 9th edition of “YSU Olympiad” for schoolchildren was held at YSU and in all regions of our republic.

This Olympiad was first held in 2009. Pupils have tested their knowledge in 13 subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, biology, geography, history, Armenian language and literature, Russian, English, German, French, creative work).

The initiative belongs to YSU Pre-University Education Department. The annual competition is open to senior pupils of secondary schools of our capital and all regions of the country. The goal is to enable pupils to test their level of knowledge before the admission examinations to the higher education institutions. Work in the regions is coordinated by YSU regional representatives and lecturers.

Head of YSU Pre-University Education Department Vachagan Galstyan told us that in the period of the last seven years the number of participants has increased to 3000 (300 schools): “The tasks of the Olympiad in the first stage are from textbooks. The second round will be more difficult, but first three winners will receive 50, 40 and 30% tuition fee discount respectively if they enter YSU.”

Mr. Galstyan said that this privilege is very important and will be available also in future, as it has been approved by YSU Academic Council and the Olympiad itself is included in YSU Strategic Development Plan 2016-2020: “As for the second stage of the competition, I should mention that it specifically aims to identify the best children.”

Most applications beginning with the first year of the Olympiad were received for the “Armenian language and literature”. Dean of the Faculty of Armenian Philology Artsrun Avagyan welcomed the holding of the traditional Olympad and said that both in Yerevan and regions they have their professional representatives, and the event is quite important to provide the pupils with the opportunity to test their level of knowledge before proceeding to the admission exams: “Pupils analyze many nuances and omissions that can be an obstacle during the admission exams.”

Ruben Gevorgyan is a 12th form pupil of “Anania Shirakatsi” educational complex. He has chosen the subject “Informatics” and wants to become an engineer: “Informatics has always attracted me. It is interesting to learn about programs that have some problems, their nuances, features and more. These tasks will allow me to focus especially on the problems that I have previously ignored.”

The 2nd round of the annual competition for the schoolchildren will be held on March 18 at YSU.

Other news
Today, the opening ceremony of the professional five-day workshop “School for Historians-2017” was held at YSU.
The major project of YSU Entrepreneurship Development Centre kicked off today with the delivering of a lecture on the Armenian inventions and innovations.