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The RA Presidential Palace hosted the solemn award ceremony.

By the decree of President Serzh Sargsyan, based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia NH-1164-N of August 22, 2002 “On the Procedure for the Establishment and Conferring the RA State Awards” and at the recommendations of the State Award Commissions the Republic of Armenia State Awards for 2013 in a number of areas were handed.


State award winners from YSU represented the areas of humanities and social sciences. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the RA, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Hrachik Simonyan received state award for his 5-volume work “In the Ways of the Liberation Struggle”. As for the exact and natural sciences, the award went to the NAS RA Academician, Doctor of Physco-mathematical Sciences, Professor Samvel Shukuryan fo his work "Test systems solutions posted on the nanometer crystal: algorithms, methods and test internal structure."


Hrachik Simonyan is the author of more than 20 monographs and over 400 scientific articles. Several of his works have been published in Czechoslovakia, USA, Lebanon, Iran, Greece and Japan. Among his monographs we should note about “The Armenian Diaspora on the Ways of Social and Political Struggle” (Yerevan, 1968), “The Turkish National Bourgeoisie Ideology and Politics” (Yerevan, 1980), “The Scientific and Technical Revolution and its Social Consequences” (Yerevan, 1982), “From the History of Turkish-Armenian Relations” (Yerevan, 1991), “The Time of Andranik” (v. I-II, Yerevan 1996), the first five volumes of the multi-volume study “In the Ways of the Liberation Struggle” (2003, 2009, 2010, 2013, Yerevan). The publication of his work “The Destruction of Armenians in Cilicia, April 1909” (Gomidas Institute, London, 2012) was dated to the 100th anniversary of the Massacre in Cilicia in 1909. This work has been published in English in 2012. He has delivered lectures at YSU beginning with 1964. In 1999-2003 he was the Head of Chair of the History of Armenia and was awarded the title of Professor in 2004. He has also been the Director of the Genocide Studies of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies.


Samvel Shukuryan is the Scientific Supervisor of YSU Information Technologies Education and Research Centre. The area of his research covers the calculating systems architecture, electronic equipment and systems testing, information technology, formal models of distributed computing systems and applications. Beginning with 2000 he is the Director of Test and Repair Program for Embedded Memory Devices at Virage Logic Corp.


State Awards of the Republic of Armenia 2013 have been handed in the following categories - literature and art, architecture and urban planning, exact and natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Other news
At the request of YSU Acting Rector Gegham Gevorgyan, a sitting of the YSU Board of Trustees was convened on May 10, which did not take place due to lack of voting staff.
YSU hosted the students of  Gyumri "Nor Luyce "
Students of Gyumri "Nor Luyce " were hosted at YSU today on the initiative of the Department of Pre-University Education.