15.09.2009 | 
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In July 2009 universitarians were among the best in two international Olympiads.

July 15-18, our students participated in the annual International Olympiad in Mathematics held in Iran, and July 25-30 - in an International Competition IMC (International Mathematics Competition), held in Budapest (this contest is held annually in some European countries).

Prior to departure abroad the intercollegiate qualifying round is conducted in Armenia. Best students form the team representing the country or university. This years team that went to Iran and Budapest consisted exclusively of YSU students. In preparation for competitions students were patronized by Hayk Asatryan, Levon Nurbekyan, Karen Keryan (team head in Hungary) and Smbat Gogian.

In Iran our students won 1 silver and 3 bronze medal. Of the 14 medals in total 4 were won by Armenians. The squad was: Vardan Voskanyan (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, master, 1st year), Hayk Alexanyan (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, master, 1st year), Albert Tamazyan (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 3rd year) and Nerses Khachatryan (Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, 4th year). Members of the host country took first places, too.

I have not had such an experience before. I won a bronze medal and I think that for the first time its normal. The proposed tasks were not very complicated: a student studying at university will be able to solve them easily. Very important factors are time and knowledge of the English language: you have to have time to solve the problem and formulate a response in English, - said Nerses Khachatryan.

Based on past experience, sometimes we composed the problems, sometimes found the problem from other sources, giving them to students for a day and the next day discussing each of their proposed solutions. Students gain experience and in this way, - said one of coaches, Hayk Asatryan.

In contrast to the Olympiad in Iran, the competition IMC has an age restriction: the participants must be bachelors only. Despite the fact that the participants from Armenia had formed a team, the competition counted only individual results. This year, all 4 members received silver medals and diplomas of the second category. Here, they represented not the country, but HEI.

YSU in IMC Competition was represented by David Karagyulyan (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 3rd year), Armen Nurbekyan (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 4th year), Anush Martirosyan (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 4th year) and Arman Margaryan (Faculty of Physics, 3rd year).

Let us note that in the virtual competition, recently organized at the Center of Mathematics Ariel in Israel, the Armenian students were awarded 3 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals.

Other news
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