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On September 18 a workshop was held at YSU. Issues, related to the provision students with access to YSU e-mail service, as well as the operation of “HEN-GEAR” Portal at YSU, were discussed.

The meeting was chaired by YSU Vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan. Head of the Department on the Maintenance and Development of Information Systems Arshaluys Hovhannisyan, Director of YSU Alumni and Career Centre Lilit Hakobyan, Head of Public Relations and Information Department Karen Grigoryan, deputy deans, as well as the coordinators of the process of providing students with e-mail addresses, representing the dean’s offices, were present at the meeting.


The debate focused on YSU-student and YSU-alumnus ties. Mr. Markosyan spoke about the preparatory process of providing students with the e-mail addresses, which is supervised and implemented by the Department on the Maintenance and Development of Information Systems. He said that last year the system has been already tested. All the students of YSU Faculty of Law have received e-mail addresses. Ruben Markosyan added that testing was performed to correct the omissions, found during the operation, and to take into account the comments of users. The system is ready for operation, and beginning with October all students of YSU will be provided with e-mail addresses.


“Any developed educational institution primarily should provide its students with a particular e-mail system, and in this case the electronic tool for student-university dialogue should be used in a more active way. YSU is the most consistent institution in this process, and almost a year has been passed since the effective variants of the usage of this program are being discussed. 4-5 thousands of students annually graduate from the university and we are not able to carry out work with them effectively, because of the absence of the appropriate measures of communication. In case the student expresses his wish, this e-mail address can be allocated for constant use. So, the ties between the university and alumnus will become much stronger and more effective, - said Mr. Markosyan, adding that it will also serve as a good tool for student organizations to organize and make students aware of the upcoming events.


The second key issue on the agenda related to the “HEN-GEAR” program by Tempus. This is an online registration system for graduates, which has already been developed in the result of cooperation between the consortium of Italian universities, YSU and a number of Armenian universities. A number of issues, related to the employment and career building of the graduates, can be solved with the help of this system.


The registration of graduates in the “HEN-GEAR” Portal is coordinated by YSU Alumni and Career Centre. Director Lilit Hakobyan noted that this system is still in testing stage and it is envisaged to finish the probationary registration of all the graduates of baccalaureate of 2014 and 1st year master students (as 2014 graduates) in the coming month.


According to the program the graduate visits the corresponding internet page of the university and filling out the appropriate information registers in the system and answers to questions in the questionnaire that relate to the quality of education, educational process, graduates’ skills, the preferred area of activities, etc. This system enables the employer to make the selection on the basis of the posted CV.


YSU Vice-rector noted that the employers will also register in this system and will have the opportunity to search for the specialists in this or that area.


P. S. Students will sign in to e-mail choosing ysumail.am server from the main web portal of YSU.

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