Razmik Mkhitaryan
1966 - 1972: YSU, student

Academic degree
Ph. D. - “Influence of dimethylaminoalcoholes on the decomposition rate of potassium persulfate and polymerization of vinyl acetate in water medium.”, 1987, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS Armenia

Professional experience
1972 - 1978: YSU, senior assistant
1978 - 1987: YSU, head of laboratory
1978 - 1993: member of the trade bureau of the faculty,
1987 - present: YSU associate professor
1993 - up to now: chairman of the trade union of the faculty
1993 - up to now: member of the trade comity of the university

Academic courses
General and Inorganic Chemistry
Science about Substances
Тhe Methods of Teaching Chemistry
Solid State Chemistry
Inorganic polymers

Scale of professional interests
Reduction-oxidation Initiatiors in Radical polymerization, kinetics of polymerization reactions, inorganic polymers.

Armenian, Russian. Germany

Professional membership
Member of Armenian Chemical Society,
Member of Chemical Technology Association,
Member of the Scientific Council of the Chemistry Department
Head of Trade Union of Chemistry Department
HQC "Chemical Technology" 057 Professional Board member

Awards received
YSU rector of YSU Trade Union and Yerevan Mayor's diplomas

Razmik Mkhitaryan