30.11.2017 | 
Nine main and current issues were on the agenda.

Awarding ceremony was held first. A number of universitarians were awarded medals, letters of gratitude and certificates.

The members of the Scientific Council were first introduced the list of candidates nominated for professors, associate professors, and deans Arthur Mkrtichyan and Khachatur Nerkaryan made some remarks.

According to the results of the closed voting, 1 person received the title of professor (Dean of YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies Ruben Melkonyan), 10 persons - associate professors.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Grigoryan reported on the results of the admission in 2017-2018 academic year (bachelors and masters), the results of the student survey on the quality and effectiveness in 2016-2017 academic year, as well as the chair load on this academic year.

The Vice-rector once again voiced the problems of introduction of foreign language programs in YSU educational programs, absence of a single admission field, and equal conditions for cooperation with universities under the intergovernmental agreement.

Regarding the results of student surveys on quality and effectiveness of education, Alexander Grigoryan underlined that the overall assessment was rising and the corruption cases decreased. The Vice-Rector also noted that further on-line surveys and ongoing efforts to improve the system will continue.

For the first time during the session of the Scientific Council, the problem of chair load was discussed. Alexander Grigoryan presented some details through video, detailing the reasons for the reduction of load.

YSU administration expressed concern over the fact of a large number of professionals aged over 65, as well as the reduction of the scientific works made by the university professors.

“Indeed, the average age of the main professorial staff is quite alarming. A thorough and consistent work should be done in this direction. There is also a need to pay attention to the reduction of the lab indexes and a large number of lecturers without academic titles,” - said Aram Simonyan.

Then Menua Soghomonyan presented the proposals on making changes to “YSU Best Student” Award Ceremony, which after the discussions was unanimously approved by the members of the Academic Council.

Head of YSU Department of Postgraduate Additional Education Zhasmen Aghasyan informed about the process of implementation of YSU Professional Development Program (2016-2017 academic year).

Zhasmen Aghasyan presented digital data about lecturers’ participation and earned credits, also touched upon the issue of participation of YSU lecturers in the mandatory educational components and professional current issues.

"Lecturers face many difficulties in studying English, as a result of which, in general, insufficient indicators are registered,” - said Zhasmen Aghasyan.

Hrant Zhamharyan, Head of YSU Educational-Methodological Department, touched upon the issue of student rotation in 2016-2017 academic year.

Mher Hakobyan, Chairman of Student Scientific Society, touched upon the activities of YSU SSS last year, which provided details on the nature of the organized student events, international participation and publications.

Prior to addressing current issues, members of the Academic Council decided to set a tuition fee of 1 million 300 thousand drams for foreign language students admitted to YSU Institute of Pharmacy.

In the framework of the current issues the issue of applying to YSU Board of Trustees on the proposal to create a structural subdivision of “Microbiological Biotechnology and Innovative Innovation Center” was discussed.

There was also a proposal for the Chair of Social Psychology and Theoretical Philosophy and Logic of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology to rename it into the Chair of Social and Clinical Psychology and Chair of Theoretical Philosophy, Logic and Rhetoric respectively.

The other suggestion was to apply to YSU Board of Trustees on the reorganization of the Mher Julhajyan Mine Exploration Cabinet structural subdivision of the Faculty of Geography and Geology to the structural subdivision of Mher Julhajyan’s Educational Laboratory for Exploration and Modeling of Mineral Deposits.

All proposals were unanimously approved by YSU Academic Council members.

Other news
Today, a cooperation agreement was signed between YSU and Natfood CJSC.
On December 26, the delegation of the Institute for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) visited YSU.