“Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions”: International Conference-Workshop Dedicated to YSU 1ooth Anniversary
“Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions”: International Conference-Workshop Dedicated to YSU 1ooth Anniversary
The international conference-workshop entitled “Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions” implemented within the frames of “PRINTeL” project was held in the Session Hall of YSU Academic Council. The conference was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of YSU foundation.

About 100 representatives of from 15 European and Eastern Partnership higher educational institutions-partners of the project took part in the conference-workshop.

The choir of YSU Cultural Centre (artistic director-the RA Distinguished Artist Karen Sargsyan, choir conductor-Ruben Karaseferyan) performed at the opening of the international conference-workshop.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, the university vice-rectors, heads of different subdivisions, deans, representatives of the teaching staff and students were present at the “Innovative Teaching and Learning” conference-workshop.

“PRINTeL” project is aimed at enhancing innovative teaching and learning methods in 9 Eastern Partnership higher education institutions (HEI) and instillation of new technologies of teaching.
The partners of the project are a number of leading universities of Georgia, Belarus, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Austria.

The event was started with the greeting speech of Rector Aram Simonyan. He presented the history of foundation of YSU. During the first academic year the university had only one department- Faculty of History and Linguistics with 262 students and 32 teachers. It should be outlined that the first Rector of the university Yuri Ghambaryan invited skilled specialists graduated from foreign universities who contributed greatly to the further authority raise of the university.

Today, 100 years later, the university has 19 faculties, 2 institutes, 3 scientific-educational centres and more than 100 chairs. The university provides three educational degrees to about 17000 students. There are more than 1500 teachers. It is also the largest university of Armenia.

“The cooperation with “PRINTeL” project being implemented within “ERASMUS+” program is one of the most successful ones for the university”, said the Rector.

Due to the cooperation with the project the university is going to establish cooperation with the HEIs of other EU and PC to enhance teachers’ trainings, to expand development of online training resources and methods.

The Rector informed that the project set 4 main tasks: enhancing of Teacher Training courses, development of innovative teaching skills, creation of the virtual platform for teaching and learning and promoting of innovative teaching. “I can state that 1.5 years after the initiation of the project both our university and other HEIs participating in the project have got significant achievements”, stated the Mayor.

The YSU Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs Menua Soghomonyan greeted the participants of the conference, congratulated on the Centennial of YSU foundation.

The “PRINTeL” project coordinator, director of YSU Quality Assurance Centre Armen Budaghyan noted that the representatives of the HEI involved in the project gathered to work out new actions aimed at installation of innovative methods of teaching. 5 working groups will be formed to work out guarantees for innovative teaching methods.

The head of the National “ERASMUS+” Office in Armenia Lana Karlova noted that this project can succeed due to diligent work. She wished success to the participants of the program.

Professor of KU Leuven Wim Van Petegen claimed that their goal is to create innovative studies. He stated that one of the most important principles of the project is the correct use of new technologies in teaching and learning. Comfortable classrooms are to be provided for students not only in universities but at home as well to get distant education.

Professor Joan-Tomas Pujola from the University of Barcelona said that to get assistance in innovative teaching and studies students should use mobile phones and tabs.

Professor Maria Lopes Pinto from the University of Porto, the Deputy head Didacticum of Linkoping University Peter Dalenius, the Professor of the University of Applied Sciences of Graz Doris Kiendl presented the results of the training programs implemented by them.

The representatives of the universities of Armenia, Georgia, Belarus also made reports.

The conference-workshop will be continued tomorrow.


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