Faculty of European Languages and Communication

Student Council of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology

The Student Council of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic philology
The Chairman of the Faculty Mariam Andresyan (4th year)
Born on November 17, 1994 , in Russia.
Studied at Voronej secondary school №1 named after the hero of Soviet Union M. A. Machiny, then continued at Erevan secondary school №176 named after G. Mahari. In 2013 she finished high school №184 named after S. Khanzadyan.
In 2013 she admitted to YSU, the Faculty of Romance and Germanic philology, the Department of Linguistics and Cross-cultural communication. She currently studies in the 4th year.
Since 2013 she is included in the Student Council.
In 2014 she was a delegate of the Faculty, then a member.
In 2015 she was the Secretary of SC of the Faculty of RGP, YSU.
Since 2017 she is a member of Presidency of SC, YSU.
Since May, 2017 she is the Chairman of Student Council of RGP.

Members of the Student Council:

Sarah Melkonyan

Amalya Soghomonyan

Hasmik Chaloyan

Arshaluys Ghazaryan

Mari Avetisyan
Araks Tigranyan 
Anahit Azatyan
Levon Vardumyan
Levon Araqelyam
Meri Harutyunyan
Melanie Postolokyan
Maria Hareyan
Melanya Tamazyan
Rimma Badeyan
Mariam Aslanyan 
Liana Sargsyan 
Sona Davtyan 


The activities the Faculty’s Student Council

Short after the formation of SC, the Student Councils of Faculties also began to be formed, one of which was SC of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic philology. The Student Council of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic philology is student self-governing body and acts according to the regulations of YSU SC.
At the Faculty the annually holding ceremony of welcoming the freshmen has already become a beautiful tradition: the SC representatives meet with students and inform them what the Student Council is, present its history, aims and introduce them its functions. At the Faculty it’s become a tradition for RGP SC to provide festive mood during each holiday. Besides, there are different historical and cultural excursions to the historical sites of Armenia providing students’ cognitive, as well as, enjoyable pastime.

At the Faculty the creation of the Debate club, which works since 2013, is also very significant. Various film screenings are organized making student’s day more interesting and effective. In 2014 on the occasion of book giving international day an event organized during which many students randomly received unexpected gifts: books. We have tendency to continue this event. In 2014 among measures devoted to the 20th anniversary of YSU SC also organized “The Best Wishes” competition during which the students had an opportunity to share their wishes, suggestions, as well as, criticism. This competition will also become traditional and will be organized every year. The main goal of RGP SC is to make students’ each day more unique and interesting and to fill the basket of memories of student life with more important, interesting and unforgettable moments.