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In 1917, due to the efforts of Hovhannes Tumanyan, “Haykazyan” society was founded to unite Armenian culture and intelligentsia. In one of his public speeches Tumanyan referred to the creation and mission of “Armenian foundation”.

The text is available in Armenian.

The Dean of the Faculty of Physics Rafik Hakobyan, the Dean of the Faculty of Radiophysics Khachatur Nerkararyan, heads of chairs, lecturers, students, relatives and friends of Levon Muradyan were present at the commemoration event.

Rafik Hakobyan presented a video telling about the years of study with Professor Muradyan’s and some interesting episodes from the years they worked together.

“He was not only a good friend but a great scientist as well. He had a significant contribution to modern ultrafast optics and laser physics. On November 29, 2018 the scientific and research laboratory of ultrafast optics and photonica of the Scientific and Research institute of Physics of the Faculty of Physics was named after Professor Levon Muradyan.

The scientific leader of the laboratory of ultrafast optics and photonica, Candidate of Physics and mathematics Aghavni Kutuzyan presented a video describing the scientific activity of the Professor. She informed that the Professor was the author of more than 200 scientific publications, got 10 certificates in the field of ultrafast optics and fiber optics, under his leadership and consulting numerous dissertations were defeated.

The head of the Chair of Optics, the director of the SRI of Physics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Roman Alaverdyan recollected the years they worked together. Those present lecturers, friends and relatives of the eminent Professor shared their memories about him.

Professor Levon Muradyan passed away on September 19, 2019.

Presenting the scientific theme Karen Petrosyan informed that within the frames of the project research is to be conducted for hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystals.

The results of the research will make it possible to create low optic elements which can be used even for weak thermal sources.

The story was taken from “Rusarminfo” website.

The details are available in Armenian.

Heghine Ghazoyan explained that the goal of the research is to manage and regulate the stability of DNA in mixed solutions, containing water/organic sulfoxides, to study the factors influencing the stability of complexes and determine the thermos-dynamic parameters of those complexes.

The goals of the research are important taking into that the interactions between various ligands and DNA are widely studied nowadays for biochemical and biomedical purposes.

The scientific group conducting the research involves both experienced scientists and young scholars. H. Ghazoyan informed that the data received through the research will be summarized and published in the form of scientific articles. Participation in international symposiums and seminars is also planned.