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Scientific-research Interfaculty Laboratory of Structural Biophysics
• Created in 2005

• Joint (Molecular Physics Department of Faculty of Physics and Department of Biophysics of Faculty of Biology of YSU) Laboratory of «Structural biophysics»

• The main direction of this laboratory is studies the influence of pharmacologically active compounds on biological macromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) and their supramolecular structures (chromatin, chromosomes, biological membranes).
Theoretical and experimental studies the molecular mechanisms of interaction of well known antitumor drug cisplatin and some new porphyrins which have antitumor, antifungal and antibacterial properties with DNA is the goal of Molecular
Physics Department.

• Heads: Emil S. Gevorgyan Doctor of Biol.Sci, professor, academician of NAS RA
Yeva B. Dalyan Doctor of Phys-Math. Sci., professor

• Staff

Irina G. Artsrouni, PhD in Biophysics, senior scientist
Zhenya V. Yavroyan, PhD in Biophysics, senior scientist
Gayane V. Ananyan, PhD in Phys.- Math.Sci., senior scientist
Ashot V. Margaryan, PhD in Biophysics, junior scientist
Armen R. Vardapetyan, PhD in Biophysics, junior scientist
Tigran S. Harutiunyan, PhD in Biophysics, scientist
Karine S. Matinyan, PhD in Biophysics, senior scientist
Gayane B. Ghukasyan, PhD in Biophysics, scientist
Agapi G. Hovhannisyan, lab assistant
Ani A. Avetisyan, lab assistant
Anahit L. Torosyan, lab assistant

Tel.: (+374 10) 577689, (+374 10) 554341
Fax: (+374 10) 577689

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