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Laboratory on Nitrogen-containing Compounds Biochemistry
• Created in 1971

• The basic mechanism of neutralization of ammonia - ornithine cycle of biosynthesis of urea and, mainly, its last enzyme arginase is especially in detail investigation. The physical-chemical differences among these enzymes were investigated in details (molecular weight, Km, Ki, substrate induction, allosteric regulation, intracellular localization, structural features, etc.). The biological role of non-ureothelic arginase, in particular, its participation in mechanisms of formation of proline, glutamat, polyamines and NO from arginine is investigated.

• Doctor of Biology Science, Academic of NAS RA, professor Misak A. Davtyan

• Staff

Liparit H. Navasardyan - PhD, Doctor of Biology, professor senior researcher
Sofia P. Hovhannisyan - PhD, Doctor of Biology, senior researcher
Ernestina Kh. Barsegyan - PhD associate professor, researcher
Medora H. Khachatryan - PhD associate professor, researcher
Sirvard V. Chubaryan - PhD associate professor, researcher
Lilit R. Tumanyan - PhD associate professor researcher
Seda V. Marutyan - PhD associate professor, junior researcher
Margarita L. Gevorgyan - PhD researcher
Aida P. Grigoryan - PhD junior researcher
Irina A. Badalyan - PhD assistant professor junior researcher
Narine N. Hayrapetyan - PhD assistant professor junior researcher
Julieta G. Ghukasyan - PhD junior researcher
Gayane H. Semerjyan - PhD assistant professor junior researcher
Anush Kh. Aghajanyan - PhD assistant professor junior researcher
Arpine L. Navasardyan - PhD, senior laboratory worker
Simonyan N. Tamara - junior researcher
Siranush V. Harutyunyan - senior laboratory worker

Tel.: (+374 10) 554361
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