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Laboratory of Applied Sociological Research
• Created in 2006

• The Laboratory of Applied Sociological Researches is one of the main research centers at the Faculty of Sociology. The focus of its studies is rather broad starting with the issues of Armenian higher educational system up to the most urgent social problems in Armenian society. The Laboratory of Applied Sociological Researches supports the development of research potentials and skills of students and professors as well. Thus it reaffirms the crucial traditions of State University, promoting the enlargement and increasing the effectiveness of educational-scientific activities within the faculty.

• The research activity of the Laboratory is addressed to such tissues as:
Studying and analyzing the issues of self-government of higher educational institutes (HEI);
Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of higher education;
Testing and evaluation of effectiveness of innovation programs in the State University;
Supporting the conduction of researches in the field of Armenian sociological traditions;
Organizing the practical courses for the students of the Chair of Sociology;
Organizing methodical conferences, summer schools, seminars, etc;
Testing of new educational methods;
Studying and analyzing the contemporary social problems in Armenian society

• Supervisor of Scientific Research Laboratory Professor Lyudmila H. Harutyunyan

• Staff

Maria M. Zaskavskaya, doctor of sociological science, senior researcher
Armen S. Ghazaryan, junior researcher
Stepan S. Aghababyan, junior researcher
Hayk R. Galstyan, senior laboratory assistant
Astghik S. Osyan, laboratory assistant
Meline M. Aslanyan, laboratory assistant

Tel.: (+374 60) 710067; (inner line 10-67)
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