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Scientific-research laboratory for optoelectronics and photonics
• Established in 2000

• Faculty of Physics, Yerevan State Univesity.

• «Propogation of lazer radiation and its stationary and non-stationary interaction in fiber, planar waveguides and bulk structures. Then, work out and creation of the optoelectronic elements ans systems, based on the results of those researches.»

• Experimental investigation of the light-behavior in electrically-controlled chital LC photonic crystal. Discussion of the spatial dynamics of the polarization-behavior of light in the media with a non-homogenious inductive capacity and girotropics in the frames of optical-mechanical analogy. Research of the induction of regular convective motions in isotropic and anistropic media via laser beam with a Gaus-shaped intensity.

• Local Grant: «Inhencing of laser-induced phenomena in the nanoparticle-doped liquid-cristalline structures».
«11-1c252» SCS of MES of RA. Leader R. Hakobyan. The goal of the project is to predict and observe new orientational and hydrodynamical phenomena in the nanopartical-doped liquid crystals an polymer-dispersed liquid crystals.

Yuri Chilingaryan Doctor of Physics, Professor, academician of NAS RA, Honoured Science Worker of RA, Honoured Head of Optics Chair

• Staff

Rafik Hakobyan – Doctor of Physics, professor, leading scientific worker
Ara Aslanyan – Candidate of Physics, junior scientific worker (full-time)
Vachagan Elbakyan – Candidate of Physics, junior scientific worker
Aleksandr Chilingaryan – Candidate of Physics, junior scientific worker (full-time)
Gevorg Gevorgyan – Candidate of Physics, junior scientific worker (full-time)
Karen Allahverdyan – junior scientific worker (full-time)
Artur Kirakosyan – junior scientific worker
Samvel Nersisyan – junior scientific worker
Eduard Shigaryan – junior scientific worker
Naira Sahakyan – junior scientific worker
Ashot Vardanyan – junior scientific worker (full-time)
Nune Vardanyan – junior scientific worker
Karine Margaryan – senior laboratory assistent, postgraduate student

Tel.: (+374 10) 553810
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