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Laboratory of Physics of macromolecules
• Created in 2005

• The main direction of investigation is studies of physical principles of structure organization of biological and synthetic macromolecules. DNA/RNA- ligand interaction. Conformational transitions in DNA and RNA. Statistical physics of macromolecules. RNA and protein folding. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Theoretical biophysics. Biophysics of membranes. Stochastic processes in physics-chemical systems. The influence of external factors on the molecular characteristics of polymers. Liquid crystals.

• head: Samvel G. Haroutiunian Doctor of Phys-Math. Sci., professor

• Staff

Valeri B.Arekelyan, Doctor of Phys-Math. Sci., leader scientist
Vladimir F.Morozov, Doctor of Phys-Math. Sci., senior scientist
Yevgeni Sh.Mamasakhlisov, Doctor of Phys-Math. Sci., senior scientist
Vigen G.Barkhudaryan, Doctor of Phys-Math. Sci., senior scientist
Nelli H.Karapetyan, PhD in Biophysics, senior scientist
Harutyun B.Vardanyan, PhD in Economics, engineer
Lusine R.Aloyan, PhD in Phys.-Math.Sci, scientist
Ruzan S. Ghazaryan, PhD in Biophysics, junior scientist
IshkhanV. Vardanyan, PhD in Phys.-Math.Sci, scientist
Shushanik A.Tonoyan, PhD in Phys.-Math.Sci, scientist
Artem V.Tcarukyan, PhD in Phys.-Math.Sci, scientist
Zaven E. Navoyan, PhD in Phys.-Math.Sci, scientist
Karine K.Karamyan, junior scientist
Gohar V. Tcakanova, junior scientist
Mikael K. Pogosyan, engineer
Alla K. Sinyavskaya, lab assistant
Inessa E. Grigoryan, lab assistant
Hasmik B. Boyajyan, lab assistant
Marine G. Hovsepyan, lab assistant
Gor N. Hayrapetyan, lab assistant

Tel.: (+374 60) 710333; (inner line 23-33)
Fax: (+374 10) 577689
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