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International Centre of Advanced Studies after Academician A. Sisakian
• International Centre for Advanced Studies (ICAS) was jointly established in 1999 by the Yerevan State University (YSU) and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (JINR). In 2011 it was renamed after its founder into the International Centre of Advanced Studies after Academician Alexei Sisakian.

• The currents trends of the activities of the centre are as follows:
Investigation of the integrable and superintegrable symmetries in the domain of Theoretical Physics
Investigation of nuclear reactions under the influence of high-energy particles and ions in the domain of Experimental Nuclear Physics; investigation of the properties of medical radioisotope under the influence of beams of low-energy photons;
Elaboration of the experimental data concerning the birth of neutral mesons obtained as a result of the experiment conducted at the internal beams of JINR nuclotron;
Organization of a series of international SYMPHYS conferences, as well as schools for young researchers SYMMETRY AND INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS jointly with JINR.
Enhancement of the educational process by inviting highly qualified specialists from JINR and other international centres.

• Since 2011 the joint Armenian-Belorussian grant program ‘Integrable and Superintegrable Systems and their Symmetry Properties based on Lobatchevsky three-dimensional Extended Space’ has been conducted (code11РБ -010). Our research aims at extending already well-known class of integrable /superintegrable/ models. The research goes further to describe and investigate the models mentioned via theor-group and algebraic methods based on elementary field configurations in Lobatchevsky three-dimensional space. Another direction is the expansion of the scope of the integrable /superintegrable/ classical and quantum dynamic systems with the application of non-Euclidian geometry and the subsequent model application of the latter for the solution of Physics and Mathematics problems in flat spaces. Superintegrable systems is a crucial subclass of integrable systems, which permit the integration of classical and quantum equations via alternative methods.

• Director of ICAS - Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Prof. George Pogosyan

• Staff

George Pogosyan - Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, director
Anahit Balabakyan - Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, leading researcher;
Alita Danagulyan - Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, senior researcher;
Gohar Harutyunyan - Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, senior researcher;
Levon Mardoyan - Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, senior researcher;
Ashot Hovsepyan – PhD, researcher;
Gohar Hovhannisyan – PhD, junior researcher;
Qnarik Muradyan – programmer

Tel.: (+374 60) 710347, 23-47 (inner line)

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