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Research Laboratory of Applied Geology
Was established in 17 November 2001.

Area – Geology

Main fields of research

  • Investigation of geological structure of subregions of Yerevan city connected with the illustration of broken areas seismogenic character,
  • Investigation of landslides of Voghjaberd and Nubarashen areas,
  • Implementation of litho-geochemical searching methodology during fieldwork in the hidden and weathered mines.


During this project the activation of landslide processes will be investigated, the parameters of landslide bodies and the geological map (1:25 000 scale) of subregions of Yerevan city will be adjusted. The new created methodology will be implemented in the processes of litho-geochemical searching of hidden and weathered mines. The research results of subregions of Yerevan city will be analyzed, none fully researched broken zones will be mapped, earthquake risks of broken zones will be assessed – according to the recently fixed earthquakes characteristics of subregions of Yerevan city. The satellite investigations of Voghjaberd and Nubarashen landslides will be continued with the collaboration of Burgas Free University of Republic of Bolgaria.

Aims and objectives:

To characterize the seysmoactvity of subregions of Yerevan city, to give the features of landslide of Voghjaberd and to determine the parameters of active landslide body according to the before done investigations and fieldworks results. To implement the created geochemical methodology during the fieldwork investigations in the territory of Republic of Armenia for finding new hidden mines.

Technical Equipment

For doing this research the laboratory has all necessary equipments:

  • logging station ,,600 DL Logging Assembly,
  • Seismic station 16S12N,
  • Electromagnetic equipment ERA-MAX,
  • Dosimeter ray and gamma-radiation,
  • CEL-890 HITACH,
  • CEL/890 Advanced Portable Laboratory,
  • CEL/890 Advanced Drinking Water Laboratory,
  • CEL/890 Advanced Wastewater Laboratory,

International collaboration

  • 2010-2012 - NATO CLG: ESP.EAP.CLG. 983876 (“InSAR Modeling of Geological Disaster Phenomena in Caucasus Region – Armenia”)


Head of the Laboratory
Marat A. Grigoryan, PhD, Candidate of Geological mining Sciences

Laboratory staff

Yester S. Manukyan, master, Junior Scientific Researcher,
Tatevik N. Boyakhchyan, master, Junior Scientific Researcher,
Liana S. Manukyan, Ph. D., Scientific Researcher,
Sargis S. Qelyan, Ph.D, Scientific Researcher,
Levon V. Harutyunyan, Ph.D, Scientific Researcher

Tel.: (+374 10) 552593
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