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Armenian Egyptology Centre
The centre was founded in December of 2006 on the initiative of its Director Christian Tutundjian de Vartavan, Ph.D in Egyptology and Archaeology (University College, London). The general goals of the centre are to study the civilization of Ancient Egypt and push the frontier of our knowledge concerning it as well as establish the Armenian school of Egyptology.

Main Research Fields
The centre has two main poles of research and interests: first, the flora of Ancient Egypt and affiliated specialities such as art and art technology studies, archaebotany, archaeology. Second, the hieroglyphic language of Ancient Egypt.

Current Scientific Programs
- Publication of the "Flora of Ancient Egypt"
- Updating of the "Codex of Ancient Egyptian Plant Remains: the world's reference on the subject (3rd edition)
- Precise scientific reconstruction of a XXI dynasty sarcophagus
- Vocalization of Ancient Egyptian
- Further unraveling of the Indo-European linguistic stratum in Ancient Egyptian
- The study of the literary and stylistic structure of the 36th chapter of the Daily Ritual conducted by the Pharaoh

International Cooperation
- Institut d'Egyptologie, Universite de Montpellier
- Department of Egyptology and Archaeology, Arizona University (USA)
- Armenian Studies Program, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
- Botanical Gardens of Jerusalem (Israel)
- Griffith Institute of Egyptology, Oxford University (United Kingdom)

Staff members
Christian Tutundjian de Vartavan - Director
Nazeni Gharibyan - Deputy Director
Armenuhi Arakelyan - Director’s assistant and researcher
Ashkhen Zakharyan - Librarian

Tel.: (+374 60) 710042, 10-42 (inner line)
Fax: (+374 10) 558232
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