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Physical chemical and biological systems research laboratory
• Created in 2005

• Main directions: Solution chemistry, molecular interactions, surface chemistry, theoretical chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy of chemical and biological systems.

• International Grant: Sulfoxides, Sulfones and Polysulfanes. An interdisciplinary investigation of molecular interactions, biochemical mechanisms, biological activities and potential applications of sulfoxides, sulfones and polysulfanes containing systems in Medicine and Agriculture.
Bilateral research project ARM 11/002 between Yerevan State University, Armenia and Saarland University, Germany supported by BMBF, runs from 01.11.2011 until 31.10.2013.

• Head of Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Shiraz A. Markarian

• Staff

Karine R. Grigoryan, Dr. Sci., Senior Scientific Researcher
Liana S. Gabrielyan, Ph. D., Scientific Researcher
Gevorg S. Grigoryan, Ph. D., Senior Scientific Researcher
Jilda D. Grigoryan, Ph. D., Senior Scientific Researcher
Ashkhen L. Zatikyan, Ph. D., Scientific Researcher
Heghine H. Ghazoyan, Ph. D., Scientific Researcher
Laura G. Meliq-Ohanjanyan, Ph. D., Senior Scientific Researcher
Hasmik R. Sargsyan, Ph. D., Senior Scientific Researcher
Svetlana H. Apoyan, Ph. D., Junior Scientific Researcher
Zhenja N. Chobanyan, Junior Scientific Researcher
Hasmik A. Shilajyan, Senior Laboratory Assistant
Astghik S. Nalchajyan, Laboratory Assistant
Rafik N. Hakobjanyan, Glazier

Tel.: (+374 10) 555172
Fax: (+374 10) 576421
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