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Laboratory of Experimental Psychology
The Laboratory of Experimental Psychology was founded in 2005 by the YSU Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology. The founder is Hrant Avanesyan.

Area – Experimental Psychology, psychodiagnosis

Research main directions

  • Studying the methodological problem of experimental research in the area of applied psychology,
  • The patterns of the improvement and investment of experimental research methods in the fields of applied psychology,
  • The development and the application of psycho-diagnosis comprehensive model in psychological researches,
  • The development of the psycho-diagnosis tests computer packages,
  • Processing the psychological tests and their socio-cultural localization,
  • The problems of the motivational formation of healthy lifestyle between the high school, bachelor and masters students,
  • The scientific and applied problems of high achievements and development of mass and health sport.

The modernity

Currently we have to deal with the creation of new specialties and the changing demands of many professions. Therefore, the creation of psychological models of various professions possible developments becomes necessary which is one of the most important issues of experimental psychology. These studies show that fundamental conditions for the construction of a new methodological concept can be created by the development and the application of specific comprehensive models, adapting them to the appropriate areas of activity. As effectiveness in each activity area depends on the skilled diagnosis, consequently the problem was proposed in the program activities is particularly important. Psycho-diagnosis due to technical progress and based on modern requirements, needs modern research approaches and periodic reviews. The translation, standardization, adaptation, social and cultural localization of psychological tests becomes the most important problem. Thus, the effectiveness of any psychological research due to solid methodology and the arsenal of experimental psychology.

Goals and Objectives

The goal is the studying of methods and the patterns of recent experimental researches in the field of applied psychology, adaptation of methods, localization and the development of their investment ways. The problems of the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology are:

  • Development of methods appropriate to the abject of the research,
  • The development, planning, implementation and interpretation of the organizational principles of experimental researches,
  • Special strategy treatment of the investment of psychological experiment, empirical research and diagnosis methods appropriate to the fields of applied psychology,
  • Scientific methods treatment of psychological measurement,
  • The localization and adaptation of psycho-diagnosis methods and the formation of repositories based on the obtained results,
  • Treatment of psycho-physiological research actual plans and application of the results.

Technical Equipment

The Laboratory of Experimental Psychology which is by the YSU Chair of General Psychology has the following equipments at its disposal:

  • Psycho-physiological testing device «УПФТ-1-130, Psycho-Physiology»,
  • Hearing thresholds and auditory sensitivity measuring device «Signal Generator Г-3-34»,
  • Feel-Motive responses measuring device «Reaction measuring - Millisecond measuring»,
  • Measuring device for absolute and differentiation thresholds of knee-joint movement amplitude sensation «Kinematometer» (Zhukovski),
  • Eyeshot volume researcher device «Perimeter»,
  • Training device «Slide», PROTUES fitness innovation CBM-2040/2050,
  • Cardiovascular system diagnostic device, Micro life BP A80

International Cooperation, Grants

The Laboratory of Experimental Psychology has performed and is performing:
  • Since 10.07.2013., Grant- «The design features of person's spatial orientation in modern informational environment». RA ESM, 13-5A423,
  • 2011-2013, Grant- «Psychological testing system development for police system in RA». The OSCE office in Yerevan. OSCE PO. 226723,
  • 01.03.2011-01.03.2013., Grant- «The display features of person's spatial and time perception and its arrangement on personal and socio-psychological levels». RA, ESM, 11-5a563.

Scientific supervisor of Research Laboratory
Hrant M. Avanesyan, professor

Laboratory staff

Sahak V. Hovhannisyan, Ph.D of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Researcher,
Elina V. Asiriyan, Ph.D of Psychological Sciences, Researcher,
Lusine S. Stepanyan, Ph.D of Biological Sciences, Researcher,
Armenuhi H. Galstyan, Senior Specialist of Laboratory,
Sona P. Hovhannisyan, Senior Specialist of Laboratory

Tel.: (+374 60) 710637, (inner line 76-37)
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