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Center for Ecological Safety
The Center of Ecological Safety was created in 2009 in the YSU by department of Ecological Chemistry.

The main research fields are:

Environmental studies of pesticides pollution, Environmental studies of heavy metals Pollution ( Hg, Pb, Cd, Sr, Cu, Fe, etc.), Environmental studies of surfactants pollution, The environmental safety assessment and prediction, Studies of noise level of permanent and temporary places of residence, To propose measures to reduce the noise level.



It is proposed to research of hydrochemical indicators, and quantitative assessment and quality prediction of the natural and anthropogenic Contamination. To study the main ways of the conversion of the separate pollutants (mainly surfactants) and their kinetic characteristics, also environmental parameters. It is possible to predict the pollutant's transformations in natural aquatic environments and to identify the mechanisms of the chemical-biological processes of self-purification of the natural water, which would allow lead or manage the formation of water quality. This approach will allow to develop and provide ecological requirements and standards for sewage waters. The study of radiation effects initiated from radical oxidation mechanisms of aquatic environments. Develop the new improved methods for determining the criterias of soil contamination, also make analysis of plant mass. Based on the obtained dates obtained to determine the extent of environmental pollution, and show the accumulation capabilities and movement of the elements. The heavy metals are primary contaminants whose control is important for all environments. Detection of trace quantities of elements in the environment is very important for the research facilities and food. To research the cleaning and neutralization of various sewage waters, using different ceolithes (including modified).Develop the studies of ceolithes application in the treatment process of drinking water. The research and development of application of chitosan in the neutralization process of various sewage waters.

Goals and purposes

The project is expected to make the following observations.

  • Assessment of ecological condition and quality of environmental facilities with modern physical-chemical and computer-information methods,
  • Formulation and using of applied results,
  • Study of various pollutants exchange in different areas of environment,
  • Determination of kinetic parameters of various chemical compounds with physicochemical methods:

Technical capacity

The YSU Ecological Safety Center for studies use the following equipment.

  • Mercury analyzer AMA-254,
  • Sulfur and CarbonanalyzerSC-144DR,
  • Spectrophotometer Camspec Model M550 UV/Visible,
  • Chromatograph ЛХМ-7,
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS 30

Head of the Center
Gevorg P. Pirumyan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Proffesor:

Center staff members

Sergey S. Hayrapetyan, Senior Scientific Researcher,
Anna G. Gevorgyan, junior researcher,
Lilit S. Banyan, junior researcher,
Shoghik L. Marabyan, junior researcher

Tel.: (+374 60) 710415, 34-15 (inner line)
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