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Scientific Laboratory Theoretical Problems of Mechanics and Applications
Scientific laboratory “Theoretical Problems of Mechanics and Applications” was founded in 2012 at chair of Mechanics, faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of YSU.

Subjects: mechanics, mathematics

    As an area of natural sciences theoretical mechanics using mathematical methods deals with not real material objects, but with their models. These models under study are material points and system of material points, rigid bodies and systems of rigid bodies, deformable continuum media. Some reasearch work is planned to perform in the framework of the project in various areas of contemporary mechanics, which are closely related with progress of science, technics and new technologies. Such investigations were done in chair of Mechanics, Mechanico-mathematical faculty of YSU, later and till 2010 in faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of YSU. Initially scientific laboratory of physico-technical problems was founded and then research work was done in the framework of thematic funding.

Main areas of the research

  • Problems of contact interaction,
  • Problems of mechanical systems optimal control and optimal design of structures,
  • Interaction of deformable media and physico-mechanical fields,
  • Differential games and stability of systems.

Scientific supervisor of reasearch laboratory:
Samvel V. Sargsyan, Dr. of Phys. and Math. Sciences, Professor:

Laboratory staff

Bagrat P. Geghamyan, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D), Lead Reasearcher,
Aram G. Matevosyan, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D), Lead Reasearcher,
Davit M. Minasyan, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D), Lead Reasearcher,
Smbat G. Shahinyan, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D), Lead Reasearcher,
Arman S. Poghosyan, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D), Lead Reasearcher,
Aghasi V. Kerobyan, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D), Lead Reasearcher

Tel.: (+374 60) 710379,(inner line 23-79)
Fax: (+374 10) 576421
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