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Scientific Laboratory for Strategic Research
«The Scientific Laboratory for Strategic Research» has been founded in 2014.

Main research areas

  • Research of the main directions and theses of the anti-Armenian propaganda in internal and external environment and organizing of anti-propaganda,
  • Monitoring of internal information flows, disclosure of infogeneous risks and development of a fighting methodology against them,
  • Research of the sources, mechanisms and propagandation paths of formation of attitude (especially from the viewpoint of national security risk), elaboration of counteracting mechanisms,
  • Study of the media’s role in the formation of the Armenian identity,
  • Study of the attitude existing in society related to Artsakh and Artsakh conflict, the army, Homeland, state and other significant units of our statehood,
  • Study of the formation mechanisms, structure, the preconditions of emergence and change of attitude through mass media and study of the influence of mass communications and their possible consequences.


Nowadays one of the most important components and pledges of the preservation of our national identity, national security and normal vital activity of the Armenian statehood is the provision of information-psychological security of Armenia (Republic of Armenia and Republic of Mountainous Karabakh) and the Armenian society. In that respect the proper organization of information-psychological security, the analysis of internal and external information flows, disclosure of obvious and camouflaged infogenous risks, development and implementation of antipropaganda, study of the means of formation and alteration of the attitude through the mass media, as well as the study of the influence of mass communications and the possible consequences have vital importance. In this regard the Scientific Laboratory for Strategic Research plans to realize comprehensive complex research of the issues facing Armenia from the viewpoint of national and information-psychological security and to promote the increase of the information-psychological security level of Armenia and the Armenian society.

Aims and objectives

The key issues of the activity of the Scientific Laboratory for Strategic Research are:

  • Scientific research on the above-mentioned fields,
  • Development of scientific methodology to reveal the infogeneous risks and its use in the information field,
  • Study of the formation and the spreading paths of vicious attitude from the viewpoint of national security and development of counteract mechanisms,
  • Scientific research of content policy of the Armenian mass media, its manifestations and consequences on the society,
  • Study of formation mechanisms, opportunities and ways for alteration of attitude through mass media,
  • Establishment of cooperation within the research framework with the mass media, appropriate state structures (also in Artsakh) in order to make the results of the research widely applicable.


Head of the laboratory

Alvina S. Aghababyan, Lecturer of the Faculty of Journalism

Laboratory staff

Vahram G. Mirakyan, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Researcher,
Edgar A. Elbakyanlaboratory assistant,
Siranush S. Meliqyanlaboratory assistant

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