Proceedings of Yerevan State University 1974 #2 (126)
Proceedings of Yerevan State University 1974 #2 (126) About
Published since 1925. Currently the peer-reviewed works on natural sciences, mathematics and informatics are published here in Armenian, Russian and English languages.
"Proceedings of the YSU" is published three times a year. The journal presents original articles containing new results of theoretical, experimental and applied research, carried out in YSU or other Armenian and foreign scientific centers.

Scince 2009 the Journal is publishing in three series

Physical and Mathematical Series
Editor in Chief Professor Varujan S. Atabekyan
Chemical and Biological Series,
Editor in Chief Professor Rouben M. Harutyunyan
Geografical and Geologicall Series
Editor in Chief Professor Hoghmik H. Sargsyan
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    Proceedings of Yerevan State University

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    Aslanian V.M. (editor), Sedrakian D.M.(deputy editor), Badalian L.T.(executive secretary), Adamyan H. I., Aslanyan A. T., Balyan S. P., Davtian M.A., Khachaturyan K. E., Manukian M. M., Melkonian L. G., Nersisyan H. B., Panosyan G. A., Sahakian G. S., Shahinian A. L., Tarayan V. M., Tumanian B. I.
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