Albert E. Sahakyan
Yerevan State Medical University, Pharmacy Faculty
Post-graduate trainings: WHO 1998 -“Social Pharmacy” and “Graduate and post-graduate education of pharmacists”, Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), 2002 – Pharmaceutical Policy, WHO and Boston University

Academic degree, rank
PhD in pharmacy
Dissertation topic: “Circadian changes of the various levels of the monoaminergic system in mechanisms of ulcerative lesions of the stomach and ulcer defender influence of Fubromegan and Nialamid” 1991, All-Union Scientific Center of the Biological Active Substances Safety, Old Kupavna, Moscow region

Scope of scientific interests
Chrono pharmacology
Study of medicines regulatory problems and development of scientific justifications for reforms.

Lectures delivered
“Pharmaceutical Management and Economics”

Professional activities
1977 - 1980: Yerevan State Medical University, Drug Technology and Pharmaceutical Organization Department: Assistant
1980 - 1995: Senior Assistant and senior lecturer
1996 - 1998: Associate Professor (1995 to present), Head of Department
1991 - 1992: Deputy Dean of Foreign Students
1992 - 1996: Deputy Director, “Armpharmacy” LTD, MoH of RA
1999 - 2001: Head of the Department of Drug and Medical Technology Provision, MoH of RA
2001 to present: Deputy Director, Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.
2016 to present: Associate Professor, PharmTechnology and Pharmacy of Economics and Management chair of the Institute of Pharmacy, Yerevan State University.

Scientific Council of the Institute of Pharmacy, YSU
“Pharmacy” JE.00.01 Professional Defense Council, YSMU
“Emil Gabrielyan Fund” NGO
“Armenian Pharmacists Society” NGO
“Pharmacy and Pharmacology; Education and Science Association” NGO
“Drug Utilization Research Group of Armenia” NGO

2005: “Gold Medal” for many years of impeccable scientific and pedagogical work at YSMU
2007: Certificate of Appreciation for many years of conscientious work at YSMU
2010: “Silver Medal” for accomplishment the impeccable activity in the areas of education, science and health

2006: Medicines Supply Chain costing study, USAID/ MSH,
2008: Improvement of Pharmaceutical legislation in Armenia, WHO/MoH
2009 - 2013: Development of Pharmaceutical care indicators, EDQM
2011: Assessment of anti TB medicines regulation system, USAID/WHO/MoH, 2010-2011 Survey of medicine reimbursement system, WHO/MoH
2011 - 2015: Medicines policy improvement as subcomponent of Health Strengthening System, MoH/GF
2013: Development of Criteria for the Selection of Essential medicines, WHO/MoH
2014 - 2015: Point Prevalence Survey in hospitals, Antwerp University
2015: GDP implementation project in Armenia, WHO/MoH

Computer skills
MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

Armenian, Russian, English

Albert E. Sahakyan

Candidate of Pharmaceuticals, Associate Professor | Institute of Pharmacy - Chair of Pharmtechnology and Pharmacy Economics and Management


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