Anahit L. Sevikyan
1992 - 1997: Yerevan State Medical University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Diploma with excellence,
1997 - 1998: Internship, «Farmex» (Pharmacy №1)

Academic degree, rank
PhD in Pharmaceutics

Dissertation/thesis topic
«Assessment of the current state of providing the population with reliable medicines information», 2015, Yerevan State Medical University, 2015, Armenia

Scope of scientific interests
Pharmaceutical Management,
Pharmaceutical Information

Lectures delivered
«Pharmaceutical Management»

Professional activities
1998 - 1999: Pharmacist at community pharmacy «AST»,
1999 – 2011: Lecturer of the Department of Pharmacy with Drug Technology Course at the National Institute of Health MH RA,
Since 2011 to present: Assistant Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Management at the Yerevan State Medical University .
Since 2016 to present: Assistant of the Chair of Pharmtechnology and Pharmacy Economics and Managements of YSU

Since 1999: Member of PO Drug Utilization Research Group (DURG), Armenia,
Since 2010: Member of Association of Health Care Executives, Armenia,
Since 2012: Member of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research (ISPOR), USA, European Chapter,
Since 2015: Member of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Education and Science Association, Armenia

2001: Participated in the educational project implemented by the National Institute of Health (Armenia) and the International Relief and Development (funded by International Relief and Development) - prepeared and delivered lecture for the Course "Managing Drug Supply" for Health Care administrators (2 Courses)
2006: Participated in the progect “Study of Prescribing Practices Availability and Costs of EML Medicines for Selected STGs”. Project was implemented by the PO Drug Utilization Research Group, Armenia; grant was provided by the Management Science for Health, USA
2010: Participated in the educational project implemented by the National Institute of Health and the Academy for Educational Development (funded by Academy for Educational Development) - prepared and delivered lectures for the Workshop on Pharmaceutical Waste Management for representatives of Pharmaceutical industry

Computer skills
MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), SPSS

Armenian, Russian, English

Anahit L. Sevikyan

Candidate of Pharmaceuticals, Lecturer | Institute of Pharmacy - Chair of Pharmtechnology and Pharmacy Economics and Management


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