Ani G. Mkrtchyan
2014 - 2016: YSU Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Pharmacy - Master's degree
2010 - 2014: YSU, Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Academic degree, rank

Scope of scientific interests
Qualitative and quantitative research of biologically active substances of plants in the teritory of the RA.

Lectures delivered
Fundamentals of Pharmacology: Microbiology (immunology, virology)

Professional activities
2014 - 2016: Gedeon Richter JV LTD

2015 - 2017: 15T-1F241
"Development of Patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains Antibiotic Sustainability Tips"

MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint),
ChemDraw, AutoDock

Armenian, Russian, English (dictionary)

Ani G. Mkrtchyan

Lecturer | Institute of Pharmacy - Chair of Pharmtechnology and Pharmacy Economics and Management


A. M. Hovhannisyan, N. A. Hovhannisyan, A. G. Mkrtchyan, A. S. Sargsyan, B. G. Babayan, N. S. Avetisyan

Heterocyclic substituted non-protein amino acids as inhibitors of Clostridium histolyticum collagenase | Հայաստանի կենսաբանական հանդես: 2018, 1(70), էջ 12-15


B. Babayan, A. Hovhannisyan, A. Sargsyan, A. Mkrtchyan, N. Hovhannisyan

Plasmid isolated from Pseudomonas aeroginosa soil strains carry the genes providing antibiotic resistence | Biotechnology: Science and practice.International Scientific Conference of Young Researchers. Book of Abstracts, 2017, p. 88

A. Hovhannisyan , G. Oganezova, M. Melkumyan, M. Melkumyan, M. B. Chitchyan, A. Sargsyan, A. Mkrtchyan, N. Hovhannisyan

Novel synthetic amino acids and peptides demonstrating pharmacological properties | World Congress on Pharmacology & Chemistry of Natural Compounds. Tbilisi 09-11 october, 2017, p. 55-56