Anna A. Nebish
1992 - 1997: Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University

Academic degree
PhD - “Comparative study of grapevine reproductive system of different origin”, which she defended in Institute of Botany of NAN RA in the 2007 on specialities 03.00.05 “Botany” and 03.00.15 “Genetics”, Institute of Botany NAN RA, Yerevan 2007

Professional experience
1996 - 1999: Laboratory assistant, Institute of Botany NAN RA
1998 - 2004: Laboratory assistant, Yerevan State University
2004 - 2007: Scientific researcher, Yerevan State University
2007 - present time: Head of Lab. at Department of Genetics and Cytology
2010 - present time: Lecturer (part time), YSU, Department of Genetic and Cytology
2012 - present time: Research scientist, Yerevan State University

Academic courses
Genetics, Cell biology, Cytogenetics, Genetic Toxicology, Pharmacogenetics, Methodology for Teaching Biology
Scale of professional interests Plant cyto-embryological and molecular analysis

Participation in grant projects
Cost Action FA1003 (2011-2014)
DAAD (2013)
ANSEF (2015)
COST FA1303 (2016-2017)
COST FA1306 (2016-2018)

Armenian, Russian, English, Spanish

Anna A. Nebish

Lecturer | Faculty of Biology - Chair of Genetics and Cytology


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