Armen H. Makaryan
1973 - 1978: Graduated from Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics (1973 - 75), Faculty of Radiophysics(1975 - 78),
1991: Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.), “Frequency conversion in nonlinear crystals and in MOM type fast contacts”, 1991, Research Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the Armenian Academy of Sciences

Research and Work Experience
1978 - 1981: Research Scientist, Yerevan State University
1981 - 1992: Lecturer (assistant), Yerevan State University
1992 - 1993: Lecturer, Yerevan State University
1987 - 1990: Vice-chancellor of Faculty of Radiophysics, Yerevan State University
1992 - 2003: Deputy director of Ltd company Dorojnik-Service, Russia
2003 - up to now: Associate Professor, Yerevan State University
2006 - up to now: Senior Staff Scientist in Terahertz Waves Laboratory at Yerevan State University

Main Research Interests/ Expertise
- Terahertz generation by laser frequency conversion methods
- Terahertz spectroscopy
- Electromagnetic Wave Detection

Current research interests
- Terahertz spectroscopy
- Electromagnetic Wave Detection

Participation in Grants
2008 - 2010: ISTC-Grant A-1295, A-1368
2009 - 2011: ISTC-Grant A-1544, A-1605
ANSEF 2010, ANSEF 2011

Academic courses/Teaching &Training Experiences
Lectures for Graduate and Postgraduate Courses on the subjects
Phys. electronics, Microwave engineering, Electrical circuit theory, Statistical Radiophysics, THz-wave physics
2009 - up to now Yerevan State University, Ijevan Branch: Science experiment automation, Radio engineering

Awards, Honors
- “Bronze medal” from Yerevan State University in 2010.

- Member of Council of Radiophysics Faculty

Language skills
Armenian, Russian, English
(+374 10) 55-86-06

Armen H. Makaryan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Radiophysics - Chair of Radiophysics and Electronics


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