Ernest A. Nazaryan
1971-1974 PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Metal Forming Theory and Technology program, Mechanical Engineering Department, Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
1961-1966 Student, Metal Forming Department, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Armenia State Engineering University.

Academic degree
Candidate - Research of process deep drawing circular products from non-axial sheet metal blanks. 15.04.1975, Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
Doctoral - Theoretical and technological basis of deformation processing of products from non ferrous metals. 07.06.1995, Armenia State Engineering University.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and automation of production processes
Academician of the Academy of Quality Problems of the Russian Federation

Professional experience
2013- Head of the research laboratory "forming shells",Yerevan State University(YSU) , Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
2007-2013 The Senior Scientist at Theoretical Physics Chair, Physics Department, YSU, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
1995-2007 Research Professor at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russian Federation.
1987-1995 Director of Scientific Technical Center in Yerevan State University, Yerevan, USSR.
1975-1987 General Designer Formation Resource Economy Technology in Ministry of Electronic Industry, USSR.
1971-1975 Research Assistant at Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
1967-1971 Leader of Designer Section at Instrument-Making Factory, Yerevan, USSR.

Academic courses
Metal Forming Mechanics and Metallurgy,
Mechanics of Sheet metal forming,
Theory of Processing of Metals by Pressure,
Technological Mechanics.

Scale of professional interests
Theory and Technology of Metal Forming Process

Participation in grant projects
Travel Grant ISTC – International conference IDDRG-2006
Grand from Ministry of the Education of Science, Armenia, 2011-2012

Professional membership
Member of Editorial Board, “International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Automation”,USA”
Member of Editorial Board, Russian Scientific and Technical Journal “Blanking Production of Mechanical Engineering”.
Member of Scientific Committee Awarding Degree, Yerevan State Engineering University.
Mechanical Engineering Expert at Ministry of Science and Education, Republic of Armenia.

Armenian (native, Russian

Ernest A. Nazaryan

Leading Researcher | Faculty of Physics - The Theoretical Research Laboratory of Shell Forming


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Analysis of the deep drawing process of box-shared parts | International Journal for Science, technique and innovations for the Industry (Machines, Technologies, Materials). 2016, issue 4, 44-45 pp.

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