Gayane G. Ghazaryan
Education and Degrees
1972 - 1982: Secondary school No 4, Yerevan,Armenia
1982 - 1987: Department of Applied Mathematics, Yerevan State University,
1987 - 1992: Post-Graduate Study, Department of Applied Mathematics, Yerevan State University
1997: Ph.D. Mathematics, (Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics)thesis at the Yerevan State University, Department of Applied Mathematics,
Thesis: "Construction and Investigation of Some nonlinearEquations, connected with the Huygens` Principle". Supervisor: Prof. Arthur Hovhannisyan

Professional Experience
1997 present: Assistant Professor at the Chair of Higher Mathematics, Department of Physics, Yerevan State University.
1992 -1997: Senior Engineer - Mathematician at the Computer Center, Yerevan State University.
1994 - 1997: Assistant Professor at the Chair of the Applied Analysis, Department of Applied Mathematics, Yerevan State University

Teaching Experience at the Yerevan State University
1997 - present: Courses on Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra.
1994 - 2005: Courses on Mathematical Analysis
2000 - present: Courses on Discrete Mathematics.
2005 - present: Courses on Differential Equations

Main Research Interests
Nonlinear differential equations, connected with the Huygens’ principle. Group analysis and group classifications for the partial differential equations.

American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Participation in conferences
1995: Conference Dedicated to the Memory of Mkitar M.Djrbashan. Unberd

Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent)

Gayane G. Ghazaryan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Physics - Chair of Higher Mathematics


Г.Г. Казарян, А.О. Оганесян

Принцип Гюйгенса и нели-нейные дифференциальные уравнения | Izvestiya Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Armenii, 1994, v. 29
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