Gayane G. Zalinyan
1969 - 1974: Graduate excellence diploma of Department of Genetics and Cytology of Biological Faculty of Yerevan State University, Armenia
1974 - 1978: Post-graduate student

Academic degree
PhD, “Modification of the cytogenetic action of the dipine and photrin in human cells by protectors”, Yerevan: 1981

Professional experience
1980 - till present: work in the Dept. of Genetics and Cytology

Academic courses
Human genetics, Evolutionary genetics, Medical Genetics, Cytogenetics, Oncogenetics, Theory of evolution, Human molecular genetics

Scale of professional interests
Toxicogenetics, human genetics, medical genetics

Participation in grant projects
2011 - 2013: Grant № 11-1F060

Armenian, Russian, English

Professional membership
The member of Armenian Society of Genetics and Selectionists
The member of Medical Genetics Society of Armenia

Awards received
Premium of Armenian Komsomol in the sphere of biology: 1984

Gayane G. Zalinyan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Biology - Chair of Genetics and Cytology


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