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Faculty of Geography and Geology

The Faculty of Geology was established by the decision of the Armenian Enlightenment People’s Committee in September 1934. The same year, the Faculty of Geography has already been organized at the University. Later they were united and in 2008 they turned into the Faculty of Geography and Geology. From 1980 till 2008 Marat Grigoryan was the Dean of the Faculty of Geology. Marat Grigoryan was elected the Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Geology after the unification of the faculties, starting from 2008.

Along with the teaching process, the work has been conducted at the Faculty of Geography and Geology at the directions of mapping and geodesy, hydrology, nature use and nature protection, water problems, deep crustal structure, mineral fields formation, their search and survey methods elaboration, hydrogeology, geochemistry, as well as the study of landslides phenomena and geophysical fields.      

During the recent years, the faculty has significantly expanded its cooperation with the leading universities of a number of countries around the world, in particular, the faculty has an inter-university agreement with the Humboldt University of Berlin, according to which 5 students with two heads each year travel to Germany in an exchange order on the line of physical geography specialty. The faculty also has international relations with the Faculty of Geography of the University of Saint Petersburg of Russia.

The Chair of Cartography and Geology cooperates with the German GIZ organization, where 5 students pass industrial internship each year. It should be noted that students receive here salary.

A number of lecturers of the faculty are invited to the universities of Germany to read lectures, they are also involved in various international educational programs and research groups. Participation in various international conferences is also noteworthy. In  particular, the Dean of the Faculty M. Grigoryan participated in the works on the study and management of landslides phenomena in Japan in 2016 and came up with         reports.

In September 2019, the faculty organized an international conference on "Geography and Geology Issues”, which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the YSU. Scientists from different countries took part in it and came up with reports.

The Faculty  consists of 7 chairs. There are also several laboratories in it: scientific research labs in applied geology carry out scientific work in a number of directions, in particular, on the study of the Voghjaberd and Nubarashen landslides. The projects at the Sustainable Development Center were implemented with the direct support of the OSCE Yerevan Office, and now it is funded by the YSU. The Center conducts researches on water resources and mining of the RA, roundtable discussions are held and the results are presented to the relevant structures, as well as to the government.

The students of the faculty conduct their educational and practical internship in different enterprises of Yerevan and regions of the RA, administrative institutions, the Institute of Geodesy, "Byurakan", "Tsaghkadzor" and "Marmarik" educational and industrial bases of the YSU, the State Cadastre Committee, the departments of the Armstatehydromet of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, schools, museums, hotel and restaurant entities of Yerevan. Students also participate in geological expeditions conducted in different regions of Armenia.

The following grant programs are implemented at the Faculty:

The Chair of Physical Geography and Hydrometeorology. Topic: Pedalogy of severely degraded ecosystems in the central areas of Armenia and potential for sustainable land use management. Participants: Vardanyan T., Galstyan H., Hakobyan K., Muradyan J.

The Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology. Topic: Paleolimnological Aspects of the Study of the Evolution of the Highland Lakes Ecosystems of Russia and Armenia. Participants: Gabrielyan I., Boynagryan V., Piloyan A., Margaryan L.

The Chair of Regional Geology and Minerals Survey. Topic: The Introduction of Geochemical Method of Search of Hidden and Blind Mines in the Process of Lithochemical Mapping of Mines and Mineral Fields of the RA. Participants: Harutyunyan L., Pashayan R., Manukyan E.

The Faculty has more than 1250 students and 13 postgraduate students.

There are 4 PhDs, 33 associate professors, 13 assistants and 14 lecturers at the Faculty.


  • Chair of Physical Geography
  • Chair of Social-economic Geography
  • Chair of Geophysics
  • Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology
  • Chair of Regional Geology and Minerals Survey
  • Chair of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
  • Chair of Service
  • Centre on Sustainable Development
  • Research Laboratory of Applied Geology
  • “The Armenian Climate Technology Academic Network”



Dean - Candidate of Geological Sciences,
Associate Professor Marat Grigoryan

Dean's Office:
(+374 60) 71-04-31 (inner line 34-31, 38-75),
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